I use my computer not only for some gaming but also for a lot of coding and some creative work in GIMP and Kdenlive. Also I like to play around with DAWs to produce music. Though the CPU is a little overkill and the Graphics Card is a little bottle neck, rendering times in Kdenlive are often >25 times faster than on my old laptop. Runs many games at pretty high settings, though my monitor is crap, so yeah. I played some casual minecraft with >150 mods, a good Texture Pack and shaders and with top settings everything ran at about 55-60 fps. I plan to upgrade my Graphics card, Monitor and keyboard and maybe mouse quite soon, but I like this machine so much, I'd build it again.

Part Reviews


10/10 CPU. 16 Threads absolutely destroyed Video rendering in Kdenlive and its still running quietly with very reasonable temperatures. I managed to overclock it a couple 100 MHz with the stock cooler. I'd buy it again because it has a really good price and amazing performance.


Good BIOS, first impression was good. What to say, I have no problems with booting into my Arch Linux install on the NVMe SSD rather quickly. The only problem is that I cant get it to wake up from suspend, so I hibernate it. It has all the internal connectors I need and the external IO is awesome as well. For the price I expected less, actually.


What to say, its sixteen cheap Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM with pretty average speeds. Really good price for really good RAM


This NVMe SSD delivers 1TB of NVMe goodness at awesome speeds for really cheap, so whats not to like?

Video Card

Good graphics card but bottlenecking my system a bit. I plan to upgrade to team Red (RX 5500XT) like my CPU soon. Runs light games pretty good and video rendering is a breeze.


A really appealing case for cheap. This case makes your other components shine. If you have RGB components, literally. The delivered fan is not too loud and the case includes a fan control which I didn't end up using at all. The 5.25" bay covers are really handy but a little ugly if you only need one 5.25" slot. The case is quite spacious but cable management is a really difficult job. I still managed to close both side panels in the end. The reset button is also pretty large for my taste. But it looks good and had quite a good build quality for the price

Power Supply

The part I heard the least from. Literally. The fan is barely spinning and is pretty quiet. I had all the necessary connectors without needing an adaptor (apple?) It delivers all my power and I never had any problems with it.

Optical Drive

Well it reads and writes to all the CDs and DVDs I still have flying around. So it works!

Case Fan

It is a fan. It spins. It keeps my system cool.


A cheaply manufactured keyboard, I got it for around 50€ which is way too much and for that I'd rather like to see a fully mechanical keyboard with full RGB. This has Red, Blue and Purple with full brightness, half brightness, a breathing effect or off. There is no QMK which is a hige drawback fpr me and why I will buy a better keyboard soon.


It is a cheap mouse I already use for years now. It is very portable, but feels cheap. Thats no problem, as it is very cheap. I have not had any problems with it, which is impressive, looking at its cheapo price tag.

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