This the first PC I've ever built completely for myself. The goal was build something for some heavy gaming and moderate productivity such as photo/video editing.

This build is heavily influenced by's recommended PC Builds ( I deviated from there $1200 Powerhouse build in certain areas usually because I could get a better or more powerful component at a close or even cheaper price than recommended like with the PSU and motherboard.

Even though this is my first complete build on my own, for myself I decided to be ambitious and build a higher-end PC with a Devil's Canyon i7 and an ASUS GeForce GTX 970. I used to work IT micro-repair in college so I have plenty of experience taking PCs apart and I've helped plenty of friends with their builds so I wasn't intimidated by a higher end build since it's all the same to me. One day I might just add another GTX 970 to get even better graphic performance but the single video card right now is doing good and handling my triple monitor setup just fine.

Not included in the parts list because they're not on this website are:

  • Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE Wireless Card
  • COSMOS Desktop Computer ATX/MATX Blank Drawer Rack (5.25")

As for other planned future mods, I'll probably replace the CPU cooler someday, most likely with and upgraded fan since I'm not a big fan of liquid cooling. More RAM will also happen some day though I doubt I'll see much of a difference between 16GB and 32GB at least with the kinds of tasks I'm doing. No other plans really since this thing is already pretty high-end but if you have any suggestions feel free to comment.


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