A powerful, yet unpretentious, build meant for 3D rendering and data analytics. Assembling the system worked without any significant issues, probably because of the high-quality components. Watching Carey Holzman's videos in preparation helped a lot!

The only problems I had were due to my inexperience:

  • I had big problems getting the USB 3.1 plug into socket JUSB3 and almost bent a pin. I plugged it into socket JUSB4 instead and left JUSB3 empty.

  • I had to figure out how to plug in the three-pin fan plugs on the four-pin positions on the motherboard. Yeah, n00b issue.

  • First I had plugged a PCIe cable into the motherboard PCIE_PWR1 socket, then I redirected it to one of the sockets on the GPU card.

  • Learning the hard way that the GPU wants two power supply cables to be happy.

  • RAM was slow in the benchmark until I activated XMP in the UEFI setup.

I'm slightly overclocking the CPU (using the motherboard OC GENIE switch) and the GPU (using the MSI Afterburner OC Scanner values). The whole system remains nicely cool and stable.

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