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"OR1ON" - 60FPS+ Gaming PC / White & Black

by dann20201



Date Published

Aug. 12, 2017

Date Built

Aug. 8, 2017

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

34.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

48.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



--Images Coming Soon, As well as a YouTube video-- (Images with the Blue Motherboard/White PCI Lanes is my OLD Build, with other parts)

This is my very first gaming PC. I was on a Q6600 with a R9 270 which I got from a cousin of mine, and I can guarantee this is an upgrade! I put the prices exactly for how much I got them for, except for peripherals because I got them from before getting a desktop. I wanted to achieve at least 60 FPS and this is my secret weapon :)

CPU - This was my bag of gold right here! This was more than sufficient for my daily uses as well as gaming on High/Very High and still maintain a stable >60Fps! It stays on 3.8/3.9Ghz for me for some reason, an although I could have gotten the 7600K, I decided not to because I was not planning on overclocking anyways (Because that would require an expensive motherboard) and I wanted a lower TDP. This is great for any gamer when paired with a decent GPU.

CPU Cooler - This was (and probably still will be) the #1 rated cooler and for the price I decided to get it. I would have chosen the Cryorig H7 but at the time I was on Socket LGA 775 and had no choice. Installation is pretty easy and can be done by one person. The thermal paste included is also fairly decent and does it's job. It is enough to be used 3-4 Times.

Motherboard - Oh, man. I chose this board over the ASRock B250 Pro4 because first, the looks. This board looks great and since it is white and black it can go in any build to match with the LED's. Second, the ASRock board barely had any USB Ports, and was even more of a budget board than this. I wanted an RGB LED Header and this board has it (NOTE: The board's software does NOT Support Color Cycling/Rainbow!). The installation is like any other ATX Boards and there actually wasn't any crackling noise during the CPU Installation which I am glad about. This has a bunch of fan headers which is what I needed. I am actually pretty glad I spent an extra about $20 on this board instead of the ASRock, but honestly, I wish I had the Asus B250F mostly because of the software that this board has (negative).

RAM - I chose this RAM because of the color. If HyperX Had any white DDR4 in a 8GB Kit I would have gotten it, BUT I am not at all unimpressed. I really like this RAM and it does it's job. Great RAM with a great color with no complaints so far.

Storage - This was the only storage I found at Best Buy and it is SATA 6GB/s so no complains really. Mainstream drive and very common.

GPU - This was a steal! (Not actually stolen). I was looking on OfferUp for a decent GPU (I was looking for a 960 2GB) and was so close to buying an RX 480 for almost $50 More. I am so lucky to have found this at a pawn shop that was right next to my house. Immediately I knew I had to get it, and the warranty was still active!! Not sure why it was at a pawn shop, but I ain't even mad. GREAT For gaming I can play many games (R6S, Rust, H1Z1, Orion: Prelude, CS:GO, etc.) on High (most games) and Max on some games with guaranteed above 60 FPS.

Case - The CoolerMaster MasterBox 5 is a pretty dang nice case. I chose it because of the minimalist aesthetics and the black/white theme. I wish the front panel was mesh instead of a tight, glossy (fingerprint magnet) plastic (which looks nice with fans and LED's) like the black version. It has nice cable management room and a PSU Shroud but only one dust filter (PSU only) and is pretty easy to use. I wish it had a cable management shroud in the actual visible front (the shaped metal as in the S340) to hide the cable holes but meh, not too much of a problem.

Power Supply - This is actually a pretty decent PSU (NOTE: This has been changed to look much nicer and whatnot, and doesn't look as ugly as it does in the PCPP Picture.) The cables are nice, black, and flat and has a nice reach. It is non-modular but it wasn't a problem because the MasterBox 5 has a PSU Shroud. It was the only one with an actual rating (80+ Bronze) that I found at my BestBuy and I'm not disappointed. Do note that the connectors for the GPU are Red and not black like everything else, so I would recommend using sleeved extensions.

OS - Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit. Got it for free and was forced to use it because it is the only one Kaby Lake supports. That's it really.

Fan - The Corsair AF120 White LED fans are the one's that I bought because on Amazon they had a 2-Pack going for cheap so I decided why not. The LED's are white but they don't fill the blades with color. It is just like 4 Lines going through the fan making it a square outline shape.

Monitor - I got this for free from my cousin and it is pretty good. Nice menu and has a power light, as well as 2Ms Response time and Built-In Speakers. Not sure about FreeSync but it does not have G-Sync. The Refresh rate is 60Hz. It's 1080p so i was real happy about that (been running off a 4:3 for months)

Monitor 2 - It's not included on the list but it's my dad's 4:3 I've been using for months since my initial build. Back from the Windows 98 days. Now I just use it for side utilities like CAM or Discord, etc.

Mouse - The G302 is the only one I found at Target by a trustworthy company. Though it is for MOBA, I don't really get how it affects anything. Good mouse and LED's are only blue, not RGB (RGB wasn't advertised anyways) and everything is controllable via the Logitech Gaming Software.

Headset - I got this as a gift from my mom back when I was gaming on a laptop. I got it back when it was $80 but now it is $40 and I still would recommend it. Great headset with nice bass and stuff. 7.1 Ch surround sound and all equalization is adjustable via the Logitech Gaming Software. Great headphones and especially for $40 it makes it even better.

RGB Strip - I wanted my case to have some sort of lighting because the only light was the white EVGA Logo on my 1060, but that wasn't enough because that's all you can see. The magnets are complete trash because of the thick rubber layer they use on it and the double sided tape is pretty much useless. Instead I used my old neodymium magnets and taped them onto the back (4 on each strip) and that is what it is sticking by. Comes with an RGB Header and it is pretty dang bright in my white case.

Part Reviews


Great for gaming. Chose this instead of the 7600K because I didn't need overclocking.

CPU Cooler

Easy To install, great cooling too.


Great Board but the MSI Software is complete TRASH. BIOS also doesn't update. Might be a Windows Issue though.


Great RAM. Chose it because it is white and around same price as DDR4-2133.


Mainstream 6GBps HDD. No complains after over 1,000 Power On Hours.

Video Card

GREAT GPU! Amazing for Gaming and the fan system is great for low noise while keeping the GPU Cool! Would recommend for great gaming on a low budget. (No Backplate)


Wish it had a mesh front panel instead of tightly-spaced glossy plastic. Has PSU Shroud but only one dust filter. I also wish it had a cable management shroud like the S340 but meh.

Power Supply

Great PSU for the price. Though there are better now. Non-modular but thank God all black cables.

Case Fan

Does move air like it's supposed to. 3 Pin connection but the LED's are whack, thus the 4 star.


Great monitor. 2ms response rate but I wish it could go over 60Hz.


Great headset with amazing surround sound and sound in general. Would recommend now especially for it's price. Lasted me over 3 years and still using.

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Gooberdad 8 Builds 2 points 9 months ago

Great budget gaming machine.

Thumbs up!

dann20201 submitter 1 Build 1 point 9 months ago

Thanks! :)

Catarino. 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

That motherboard does it have fan control in the bios?

dann20201 submitter 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

Yes, It comes with fan control for each header. The bios is clean, nice and simple. The fans can be either used by PWM (if fans are) or DC (3-Pin) and for DC, it has either standard which is just whatever power you set the fan on it stays as that, or Smart mode where you can choose when it should start going faster, etc.

newBeeZ 1 Build 0 points 9 months ago

Good job. This is a fairly quality build for the price. Although a Ryzen CPU in my opinion would have been a better investment for the same price.

dann20201 submitter 1 Build 1 point 9 months ago

Maybe, but I am not too familiar with the AMD side so I went with Intel.