This was my first ever computer build. The hardest and most stressful part was definitely applying the thermal compound. Make sure you get everything ready with the cooler before applying the paste. This build is incredibly quiet, with the exception of the DVD player. One of the fans on the case seems to spin a little slow, but I may have just wired it wrong. The case itself is awesome looking. There's also plenty of room inside and it has a very helpful cable management system. I have yet to install any games on this computer yet, I just finished the build, so I don't know how well the graphics card does. The BIOS for the motherboard is very user friendly. The wiring of the fully-modular PSU was a little confusing for me as a beginner, but a few YouTube videos cleared up my confusion. I installed windows on the SSD and had it store user files on the HDD. I got the RAM for free from my uncle, which cut a bit of the cost off, and a bunch of other parts that my dad had lying around I marked as free. Other than the issues I had with applying the thermal compound, this was actually a really easy build with very few snags. I will add more info (temperatures, overclock, etc) as I continue to use this computer.

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