This pc was built primarily for gaming. This is the first computer I ever built myself so I Made a make a major mistake with the motherboard not allowing me to oc.. Very frustrating, I will upgrade it later though when necessary but I guess I will put up with it for now. I'm quite happy with it I guess ☺ also the nocturnal fans are really ugly! Really quiet though they are from my old pc.

I'm only playing wow at the moment the settings are set to mix. I realised when MSAA is on, certain particles are flickering. Another issue is game sometimes stutter and also I got a black screen once which froze my computer!?

I just got these computer parts all new on 27/4/15. So it's picking my brain trying to figure out what the problem is! Shed some insight please enlighten me!

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  • 59 months ago
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You've probably done this, but make sure all your drivers are installed, update windows, that kind of stuff.

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