I had built this computer for a co-worker who said he wanted me to build a computer for $400 that could play games and do VR. I did what he asked (sort of) and he refused to pay me instead telling me he wanted me to build an $800 computer with new parts (which I told him no since he backed out on this one). The odd thing is that even at $800 I ended up with a computer that performed only marginally better (at the time) while using new parts.

When I said that I made a computer that sort of met his requirements, I mean that the computer can play VR and VR games but will get hit with lag in certain titles. Playing beat saber some songs will lag really bad and some worse than others but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with what's on screen but it is always in the same areas which is interesting. I took my same architecture CPU and match the clock speeds and core count and found that either adding hyperthreading or overclocking to 4.2 or up will largely make the lag go away. In a more casual VR game it will be perfectly fine though.

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