Edit 11/24/2018:

Gotta love black friday. Picked up a 1TB Samsung EVO 860 for $127.99 at B&H no tax, free shipping. Replaced the Silicon Power SSD. Actually runs faster. Loving the Samsung. I guess you really do get what you pay for. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Edit 9/14/18:

OK it's still really ugly, but it performs well.

I overclocked the ram up to 2448 Mhz and the CPU to 4.5Ghz. To the GTX 1070 FE I added +125 core and +250 memory without overvoltage. Got it up to +225 core and +455 but anything higher together gave me funky splotches places when testing. It also got the temp up to 74C. +125 and +250 are a nice about middle of the test limit for me to leave the card set at. It runs without the overvoltage slider up and still stays at 69 to 70 during looping test sessions. Got the old heaven benchmark maxed out at 1080p up to 2512 before backing done. Score wise looks right around where the 1070 ti started out in Joe's big black and gold box pc. Did score a little better on the sometimes useless I am now switching over to Valley and Superposition scoring and I'm sad to see Heaven go. I just don't see a 9 year old benchmark being as useful in testing these 6GB and up video cards.

Edit 8/4/18 through 8/8/18

Swapped the i5 4690k, the Zalman CNPS9500 cooler and 8 GB 1600 Mhz Crucial Ballistix Sport XT RAM for an i7 4790k, Corsair aio H60 and 16 GB 2400 Mhz EVGA SSC RAM from EBAY. I also upgraded the PSU from an EVGA BT 450W ATX to a Corsair SF 600W. I had to relocate the SSD due to the new PSU SATA power cable length and add an old modified power cable from the first version of Ellie's college PC for the bluray player slim SATA adapter to connect comfortably.

I delided the 4790k and replaced the thermal grease with the liquid ultra pro. I'm all out of that scary but awesome stuff. Now I have much better temps than my first tests with the hot little CPU topping out at 65C. That's a 9C drop for me. Now games have the CPU only getting up to 51C in VR and only during the weird black screen when taking the headset off while running Beat Saber do I get that temp. Anything higher takes artificially loading the processor.

With the changes it's now a much easier setup to work in with the water cooler and small form factor PSU. The upgrade savings of EBAY are offset by the higher cost PSU, but it is getting closer to a "proper VR PC". Thanks for looking!

Edit 5/4/18 "May the fourth be with you."

Mason54 provided a refurbished Nvidia Founder's Edition GTX 1070 for the Junk Yard Dog. I had to get more air into the case so round two of cable wrangling and add another 120mm hole with a Silverstone filtered grill to the rescue. It's not the prettiest setup, but it sure runs well. (If I can ever pull the trigger I'll buy some MNPCTech fan bullet 120mm ports in black to make it "purdy".)

Thanks go to Mason. This 1070 is a noticeable improvement over the 1060 6GB card. What a blessing.

Belated Happy Easter. Jesus is risen!

First one to read all the way to the end gets the bonus if they want it. Congrats to MrMe20 for getting the prize!

Ok Nathan and I purchased an Oculus. Mostly Nathan. Trying to use an Oculus Rift Touch in a bedroom was ridiculous. Especially when it was my youngest son's bedroom. The area to move is 3 feet back by 5 feet across without obstruction. Nate and I would smack the bunk beds, the desk, the monitor and one time I reached up hitting the running ceiling fan. I had to build a smaller PC for our living room to move the VR.

If I were to use the 1060 from Nate's PC, he'd still need something. I took one GTX 770 out of the SLI'd Lavender Lady PC and set him up with the 770. Video card checked off.

I had an Antec ISK600 case from way back for an old Radio pc idea that never worked out. Case checked off. But I'm not fond of that case. I had the case and most of its parts sitting in the outside closet. It was really dirty, had silver looking spots and rusty hued spots. Had to clean it, touch it up and oil it to get it looking acceptable. I also took the factory 120mm factory fan out and changed it with one of the leftover blue and white pwm Silverstone fans from the Lavender Lady build.

I thought I could gut the old my little pony PC and use its 4770k cpu, cooler, and ram so my first purchase was a Z97 mini itx motherboard. I always loved the look of the EVGA Stinger wifi motherboard and when I saw this one I bought it. It was a little high, but works perfectly. Motherboard checked off.

While looking for the motherboard I made a low offer on 8GB of ram and it was accepted. At first I thought it was a scam and I'd have to get my money back, but two shiny blue sticks came in the mail, looked new, and worked. More reason to not gut my daughter's first pc. Ram checked off.

Turns out I really couldn't get myself to take the 4770k out and move the cooler, then try to sell the leftover parts or store them. I feel kind of attached to the working big sparkly, pink and purple mess I built my daughter about 5 years ago. I looked for a used CPU now. After talking on here with Mason54 and SensibleSystems on Facebook I decided on either a 4670, 4670k, 4690, or 4690k. I put in a bid on several CPUs and almost got this 4690k for $115 but with 5 seconds to go I was outbid. I got mad and upped my max bid to $150 with 2 seconds to go. The price shot up to $137.50. Umm that's still a decent price right?(NO IT'S TOO HIGH!) Durn it. I only paid more to best that other bidder. Instant buyer's remorse. I wish I had kept my cool and used a bidding app to get a better price. Anyway, the 4690k arrived and works great although I suck at manually overclocking a CPU so the max I've gotten is 4.2Ghz so far. CPU still checked off.

Oops edit. 68C was at a max 3.9Ghz. That's the stock turbo setting. I hadn't saved the 4.2Ghz. I tried again and watched it climb to 78C after 10 minutes with 4.2Ghz on the four cores at 1.220v. Not a good setup. I bet I'd get over 80C just waiting another 15 to 30 minutes. I'm setting it back to stock and auto until I learn more about proper overclocking. I also need delid the CPU and redo the thermal paste. I'm not giving up on the Zalman 9500 yet. I'm sure it can get 4.2 and hold below 80C with a Zalman.

I had a thought I was quickly approaching 8th gen i3 "k" cpu setup pricing.......but came to my senses because I had found the ddr3 ram for 25 bucks. Sure would have been nice to do an all new 8th gen build, but this works and still cheaper. On I went looking for that low bid or someone to accept a lower best offer.

Well I'm rambling on. Let me try to sum it up. Several parts were bought on EBAY as a "...or best offer" low bid that was accepted and two were higher than I'd like. A few parts I had. Glad I didn't sell, or pitch my copy i had bought years ago for another build that never worked out. Still rambling....

Complaints: The Zalman cooler bracket does not fit this motherboard without grinding off 2mm of material on one side so it will clear the VRM heatsink. The case has too much space in front of the motherboard to the psu and the sides. Although the Antec ISK600 case has a rubber isolation 3.5" hdd tray, it is set too close to the bluray/dvd to use it and the slim disc player. It's odd. Windows 7 Pro and Oculus don't like each other. Had to format the SSD and switch over to Windows 10 Pro. Glad the product code with the old 7 disc works for 10.

Idiotic mistakes: I installed the slim bluray/dvd four case screws all the way without spacers locking the tray sliders closed. The tray wouldn't eject. Took me 1/2 a day of thinking about it to realize what I had done then removed them, figured out the spacing and made 4 spacers.

Fun cheat learned from other builders on here: Using a Sharpee to "paint" the multi colored wires and connectors black hides a myriad of old school mustard and ketchup ugliness. The ram, and fan are still toothpaste blue, but that's ok.

This is a 4 generation old CPU setup that runs the Oculus Rift and plays our Bluray movies like a boss.

I present the Junk Yard Dog. Our HTPC wannabe, Oculus running little living room EBAY build.

(Bonus:You can polish a turd after all. See the last picture for an unused Echo 3 product key. Echo 3 is a disc cloning software. I won't use it, ever. I have another cloning software I use. First one that reads this and claims it gets it. Thanks for reading and looking.) Already claimed by MrMe20.

I've noticed the GPU gets up to 74C max after extended use in VR. Looks like I'll be modifying this case soon to get more cool air in. Maybe one portal by the video card fan and one portal with a 120mm pwm fan.

I added one top filtered porthole and another PWM 120mm fan. That did it. Now it runs at 38C after extended sessions and the GPU stays at 69C. :)

Part Reviews


Beefy CPU. Nice frequencies right out of the box. Tends to run a little hotter than the 4770k at similar speeds before a delid but I still recommend it.

CPU Cooler

After the complaints about pump noise I'm pleasantly surprised at how quiet it is. The radiator is noticeably thinner than my older H80, but it cools well. I like it.

Thermal Compound

This stuff is pure awesomeness. It does eat aluminum and is conductive so be careful with it.


Love the look and function of this motherboard, but it lacks a usb 2.0 connection. Ok, the wifi only goes up to "n" and that sucks, but this little joker is old now as of 8/4/18 and still kicks butt. The external clear CMOS button is a live saver when upgrading or overclocking. Absolute garbage at wiggle room for overclocking settings. Boo EVGA.

Most importantly, the motherboard look is great! ;)


XMP profile 1 at 2400 and no problems with the EVGA Stinger wifi motherboard. Matches the look of the motherboard now. I like these.


Wow I'm sure the prices will go down further, but wow. $127.99 for a Samdung EVO 1TB SSD with a 1GB cache. Love it.


Old school hdd that stores 2 TB. Great for the money but noisey.

Video Card

If it's free I'll take three. In all seriousness this card is wonderful. Nice upgrade for VR from the gtx 1060.

Power Supply

Absolutley love this little PSU. Dead silent and cool. Makes working in a mini itx case a dream. Needs an adapter though.

Optical Drive

Reads, writes (and plays with the additional software I purchased) Blurays. DVDs etc. A little pricier than the cheapest external, but it looks nice and is quiet.

Operating System

I've finally been won over by the monster that is Windows 10.... because 8 and 8.1 sucked. I am so pleased that I can use my new/old stock versions of the windows 7 Pro to install WIndows 10 Pro.

Case Fan

Super quiet, PWM and more airflow than the Corsair quiet 120mm fans I own. 5 stars


Well it's a bracket you dont get with the Corsair SF 600W. Have to install it to make the SF 600W PSU attach to my case. Very sturdy and stylish piece of metal. Your friends will be in awe and your enemies will be jealous. Get one today!


  • 19 months ago
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also I claim the echo 3 software

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

Congratulations! You got it. Did you download it and plug in the product key? Be sure to use it right away before someone does without notifying anyone in the comments. I'll write in the description you have won and claimed it.

  • 19 months ago
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Loved hearing about the process. Those final seconds of an eBay auction, man, heartbreakers sometimes :'( Glad it seemed to all even out (swings and roundabouts!), and getting cheap RAM now is super nice.

Seeing the final product is great too. Those copper turbine-looking Zalman coolers are pretty :-) And Goober-kid looks like he's digging it!

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

Thanks man. He is. I'm starting to get used to turning and banking while flying. I guess the more you use it the easier it is to train your brain.

  • 19 months ago
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I think this one got lost in a bunch of new builds. Or not many people are interested in it. No problem. Thanks for looking and commenting.

  • 19 months ago
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Are you not worried about the heat underload of your gpu? is something wrong with your cooler? 68 celsuis is alot

  • 19 months ago
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Prime95 is artificially fully loading the CPU. 68 on a prime run is great to me. I'll never use my CPU like that except to test it. Shoot the GPU hasn't gotten to 60C yet. That's also good to me. Now I didn't use Furmark. I detest that application.

  • 19 months ago
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Awesome work and I enjoyed reading about this build. Despite all the obstacles you had, it turned out great! Also nice overclock with the i5-4690K, it will serve you well for a while. Very neat to see how the VR works despite I'll never be interested nor will ever use it. Sounds like you and your son are enjoying it, and make sure no one falls or hits into something too often. ;)

Thanks for sharing this and looking forward to see more of your builds. Keep it up! Plus one!

  • 19 months ago
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Ugh I went into bios again and realized I hadn't saved the 42 multiplier. It just ran at 3.891Ghz during Prime95. I reset it to 42 and 1.220volts and retried it. It climbed to 78C in 10 minutes and it was still going to go up I think. I have some learning to do. Later I'll delid it and try again. It's set back to 3.9. Nathan is playing with it right now and it's running well. Maybe I shouldn't even mess with it. I'd wager going to a more powerful GPU would be the best move if we find the VR performance lacking.

  • 19 months ago
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Oi, I've done that before too. Forgetting to save the changes in the BIOS and even when overclocking a CPU/RAM.

And sounds about right with temps, though yours sounds way better then my experience comparing with my i7-4790K. I cannot go beyond 4.4GHz with my CPU due to the temps can reach in the 80°C range (not far behind a 90°C but never seen that temp thankfully).

I'm certain a delid will help greatly as I haven't had time to delid my own CPU. I'm certain you'll see an improvement in temps when that occurs. Could always try a stable 4GHz too if need to decrease some more or just back to default settings if necessary. Otherwise sounds it's OK regardless so you can just keep an eye on it if it ever seems close to 90-100° C.

I know the max temp a 4th generation can handle is 105° C. While the 6-8th generations may be 100° C max temp (I could be wrong here). Not that I want to see such temperatures to begin with.

...I'd wager going to a more powerful GPU would be the best move if we find the VR performance lacking.

That's understandable. What is the FPS range when doing VR in 1080p?

  • 19 months ago
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I understand it needs to be above 90FPS, but I haven't tested it yet. I've got Superposition benchmark on anotherPC. Just need to install it. I haven't noticed anything unusual yet. I don't like that it goes into full screen in some games on the 4k tv it's connected to. Makes me wonder if that's like running 6 1080p monitors.(assuming the oculus counts as two and 4k counts as 4)

  • 19 months ago
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I understand it needs to be above 90FPS, but I haven't tested it yet. I've got Superposition benchmark on anotherPC. Just need to install it. I haven't noticed anything unusual yet.

Aha, gotcha. Hopefully it's doing well, but I'm going to guess it is OK unless you notice any stutters / lag.

...I don't like that it goes into full screen in some games on the 4k tv it's connected to. Makes me wonder if that's like running 6 1080p monitors.(assuming the oculus counts as two and 4k counts as 4)

Oh? What screen mode you try to stay as with VR? (I'm forgetting the terminology here... because I haven't gamed much lately) Fullscreen Borderless or Window Borderless? Or just some type of Window mode?

  • 19 months ago
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I haven't noticed anything like stutters or lagging. I still do need to mess around in the settings. When I'm using it, the thought never occurs to me that the tv is showing what I'm seeing. Then once I get "sea sick" I'm done. I just need to make time to test it and stick to it.

Once Nathan gets on and I see it go full screen, I don't try. I don't want to mess him up while he's doing it. It's fascinating watching him because he plays so freely. I bind myself by rules and objectives. Completely different play style.

  • 19 months ago
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Well with the cooler you have 4.2 is pretty good if temps are decent. Having mine at 4.5 I see 55ish on Project Hardline, so well done. (Though my 8700k is colder) Also, isnt the EVGA BIOS just beautiful? Everything so easily displayed there, speeds, multipliers, RAM, voltages, Oh so nice... One of my favorites.

4th generation CPU's are still perfectly viable despite there age because "Big Boy Intel" Has given us 20ish frames, 2 more cores, and Shiny new DDR4 Memory for mainstream users. (Not worth the upgrade for me). It won't bottleneck(boy I hate that word) contrary to popular belief and is still a great little chip for gaming and light to medium productivity.

Now for more into the OC, nerdy, Nitty Gritty talk (Tune away now as there is no more review left). Uno: What voltage did you get 4.2GHz at? Two: Did you tinker with the RAM at all and try to push it to 1866? Should be relatively Easy on that RAM. Two A: Play with any timings? Intel likes a happy mix of speed and low timings. CL9 actually is good, ignore Two A.... Tres: if you wanna go higher without bumping to 43x Multiplier you can play around in the BCLK to get a more exact and higher clock. An old trick to get fast was to have a low multiplier (30-32) and a high BCLK, took a little more voltage to do it but it pushes CPU's further surprisingly.(See note a)


a. The First Place, Second Place, and Third Place were all done with either 31 or 31.5x on the BCLK

  • 19 months ago
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I've got a lot to learn. The look is fantastic, but foreign to me, and I love the little external clear cmos button. Already used it.

The temps are great because I screwed up the first test and didn't save it. I rush too much. It seems impossible to miss "save and reset". It's the first option! Then I wasn't even paying attention to the frequency. 68C at stock max 3.9Ghz isn't worth celebrating. Crap I'm still rushing. I had the CPU max temp as 78...... it's 68 at current settings.

On my other builds I used Asus Z motherboards. The BIOS is familiar (although I'm an overclocking moron) and Asus overclocking utilities may set the volts a little high, but I would just set it and test with ok temps on water, then forget it.

By the way I have not delidded this CPU yet. I tried 42 multiplier with nothing set to adaptive, but most all on auto. I left the 100 BCLK and upped CPU volts to 1.450 core volts and +0 offset. I dropped it done to 1.220 eventually but the temp was still steadily climbing. I mean I didn't get an immediate spike to 90, but it was at 75, 76, 77, then 78 and and I stopped it. I noticed it was now idling at 46C instead of in the 30s so I went back and restored the defaults. I'm inept at overclocking. I think I've been very lucky in the past in spite of myself. It's got my original fears of messing up the PC coming to mind from years back.

The crazy news is the setup works great as is, but I want at least a 4.2 on this joker. Grrr. I am wondering if I just delidded it, polished the IHS, and redid the paste if I could get it to run Prime95 under 80C fir at least an hour. Before that I'll learn about a BCLK and multiplier mix and see how it functions.

  • 19 months ago
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The clear CMOS buttons have saved me so many times in my adventures. Its not even funny how much it helps . Glad to hear it works and you are happy with it.

  • 19 months ago
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I wish all motherboards had that button on the outside.

I'm at home sick today, so I'll try a BCLK change to get 1866 on the ram and see how the CPU does. Maybe I'll get adventurous enough to pop the top on the 4690k this afternoon.

  • 19 months ago
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"Sick" I see how it is

  • 19 months ago
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Lol hop on a plane, come over to my house. I'll make a sandwich.

  • 19 months ago
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Nice One!

  • 19 months ago
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Thanks! We're really enjoying it as a living room setup.

Lots more space to NOT hit stuff ;).

  • 21 days ago
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Hello, I'm looking at adding some more venting to my same antec case. Can you tell me about how you mounted the fan on top of the case? Thanks, Giovanni

  • 20 days ago
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No problem.

Always use proper Personal Protective Equipment. In this case gloves, eye protection, and maybe ear protection.

I used a 4.5 inch bi-metallic hole saw bought at Lowes to cut the opening and I install a 120mm Silverstone fan filter over this hole.

120mm is about 4.7 inches so the 4.5 inch hole saw is an easy pick. Precheck the fan placement in the case before marking the case for the hole. Once the fan position is decided mark the area by using the fan or fan filter screw holes and draw an "X" from the diagonal holes to find the center. The center of the "X" is where the hole saw centering drill will start the cut.

Secure the case over a cut-able wood base. Cutting through most metal cases is quick and I recommend having a secured, disposable wood plank underneath to cut into.

Once the hole is cut and any sharp edges have been cleaned up, I center the Silverstone filter over the 4.5 inch hole and remark the four screw holes on the case. I remove the filter and place it aside. I then choose a drill bit that is slightly larger than the filter screw holes and drilled the four marked holes.

The four screw holes will line up with the four fan screw holes and the filter holes. Holding the fan in place on the inside of the case and with one screw in a hole of the Silverstone 120mm fan filter, I line up the filter, case and fan to start the screw in the fan through the case. Then start the other 3 screws. Once all are started, I alternate tightening the screws until all four are secure.

The fan filter covers up a lot of errors in this process, so don't freak out if you scratch the case a little around the holes. Also if the case is black, a Sharpie works wonders to cover any mistakes.

Plug in your fan while placing the case piece back on.

Boom one more 120mm filtered fan!