Hey guys,

Finally got around to posting this build. I had a Budget of around $1000 CND when I began (managed to come just under initially at $950 after my MIR's came in). Will be used for Moderate 1080p gaming, as a workstation and for light video capture and editing.

My Mobo choice was finding the best bang for my buck, in part of keeping to my budget. The 2 ram slots (up to 16gb) are more than enough for me, combined with 2 CPU fan headers, USB 3.0, two PCI x16 slots, SATA 3 (x2) and 2 (x2), not to mention for less than $75!!!

The I5-4570 so far has been able to meet all my expectations, not at all bottle-necking the likes of Tomb Raider, Thief, Civ 5, Skyrim and Futuremarks Skydiver test when combined with my R9 280. Also has acceptable rendering and loading times for basic video editing usage. I used a stock cooler for it at the beginning of my build and was hovering at around 35C idle and around 48C under moderate loads.

I just bought the best Ram deal I could find, and yes, my mobo can't support the 1866 speed of my ram, but who gives a @#$%, it was cheaper than 1600 lol (crazy ram prices).

Great SSD that I'd recommend with my eyes closed, Barricuda is also working great, not to mention $10 cheaper than a Cavlier. PSU was a great find, not many good Gold rated at that price (could be quieter but whatever).

Was going for a 270x till this baby had a big price drop to the same price. Picked Gigabyte over MSI due to the factory OC, cooling and noise concerns and none have disappointed. Wind force is pretty quiet with fan speeds under 35%, not to mention good temps for this class (when running aforementioned games at Ultra), while not lacking in any way performance-wise. The 280x didn't appeal with that $100ish price gap for a bit more juice.

Was pleasantly surprised with the Z5 plus, roomy enough for my massive GPU, came with 3 fans installed (2 quiet great LED ones and a jetliner level regular 120mm). Only about 2cm of clearance for cable management, but tons of spots for ties. One downside is that only one of the 2 included usb 3 ports comes with a mobo connection, the other needing a male usb to pin adapter. Dust filters were a nice bonus, as was the spot on the top for my phone while charging.

CM Storm bundle has been a great value find, the layman would think it was way higher priced than it is. Good lighting, build quality and has the clicky mechanical keyboard sound for chicklet money and a cool mouse design. Downsides include my 1st only was RMA due to malfunctioning lights on the mouse and that the key lettering is hard to see without the lights on.

Z506 5.1 speakers are great if you cant blow your brains on the z600+ series, good surround sound and a great sub. Thank god i found this on sale, could listen to the z323's afterwards. This S24D390HL is really nice, IPS, touch controls (sometimes annoying) and that price!!!

Edit 11/12/14:

My old Roswell NCE 300 PCI wireless adapter was giving me ****** results (not to mention wasting my AC router) so i broke my $1000 budget. The Asus PCE- AC56 is the best wireless adapter ive ever used, its stable and easily gets a max connection of 95/10 through a wall and 25ft (same as my Ethernet speeds would have been).

Edit 12/04/14:

My intel stock cpu cooler was pissing me off in terms of noise so i splurged on a refurbed Corsair H80i, installation wasn't easy on my mATX mobo, but it fit fine in the Z5 case. Dropped my temps by 5C on avg using the quiet settings (was pretty loud otherwise for only 2-3C cooler temps), good stock fans and the aesthetics are great in my opinion. No issues with the refurb part yet, great investment for that price. Intel Burn Test maxed at 68C on Very High with little noise increase.

Also added the NZXT LED kit, PCI controller is very fancy and practical (though the different settings are pretty similar in brightness), great rich blue colour.

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  • 64 months ago
  • 2 points

Why did you go for that cooler on a 'locked' cpu?

  • 64 months ago
  • 2 points

Better to have low heat throughout the life of a processor than not. So... probably because he wants it to have low heat and live a long life.

  • 64 months ago
  • 2 points

Honestly I was bored and wanted a better aesthetic than Intel's stock cooler provided. Was hard to pick an air cooler with the h80i at that price. And who knows if it might come in handy one day if it can survive to my next upgrade.

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

very true. It's always fun to get an upgrade, just because you want one.

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