This is a small upgrade to a gaming build I posted previously here. Listed price is only for the items included in the upgrade itself. Oh, and the HyperX memory was incompatible with the Ballistix Sport after all. Go figure.

The terrible Intel stock cooler is gone and replaced with a Cooler Master TX3 Evo that has a Noctua NF-A9 slapped onto it. Before you ask, yes, I did try putting it into push-pull, but the motherboard heatsink got in the way. I also thought of getting a lower-end liquid cooler like the Seidon 120V, but in the end I chose to go with a traditional heatsink + air cooling (partly because the one exhaust fan in the back has the only fan slot in the main compartment! I'll definitely get a Seidon for my next build, though).

Now, the three new Spectre Pro LED fans are great once they were put in. There's an entire paragraph on that later. Cable management, as was previously in this case, is still a mess. Honestly, without removing the right side plate completely or getting a modular PSU, there's not much more I can do here. It's already bulging slightly as is.

As you may imagine, with the better cooling comes better performance. This time, my OC is stable at 4.3 GHz / 1.160 Vcore and temperatures are lower as well. The "Under Load" temp is peak temperature in OCCT Medium Data Set, with peak temperature in OCCT Small Data Set being 86*C (a completely unrealistic load, and also one that the stock Intel cooler failed even at the 4690K's stock clock!). I got slightly better with overclocking the GPU as well, and now I'm at sitting at a stable 1502 MHz core clock at default voltage! (All the mentions of stability I made in the previous post? Disregard. I was stupid.)

And now, for the ranting.

BitFenix, what the heck did you do with your case and fans' screw threading? Every time I tried to get a screw in place, the first one would go smoothly, then the rest would seemingly drill into the case or fan's threading to get in firmly. This isn't even counting that one of the pre-installed front fans had a screw that didn't come off of the dust cover panel until I forcibly broke off the screw head. This could easily be a case of me not knowing how to screw things in or this particular case being an unusually bad unit, but it seems like the screws needed way too much force to get well seated. A friendly note: if you plan on changing CPU coolers that aren't clip-on, are bugged by weak cable management or plan on changing the stock case fans out, DON'T BUY THIS CASE. I guess I should have expected something like this from a sub-50€ case anyway.

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