This is a move to desktop after being a laptop owner for years. The purpose of this build is gaming, and graphic/3D/audio works.


The case is elegant, at least from the outside. It's a eye candy on you desk. The cooling design is somewhat nontraditional and less efficient. But given its form factor and the clean look with out any ugly meshes on side/front panels, the airflow design is pretty reasonable. There is plenty of interior space to fit your graphic card, most CPU cooler and a couple of hard drives. Cable management for this case is not so easy though. Two side panels can be swapped. You can choose your preferred side for ports and buttons. Fixing the button direction is easy, you just need a screw driver.

However the big down side of this case is about the hard drive cables. No matter you mount your HDDs at the bottom or on the side frame shown in my picture, there is no clearance for SATA power cable. The power pins on your HDD are brutally bent by a small angle. It's very uncomfortable for people who take care of their stuff.


Nothing much need to say. It's the best one in an acceptable price range. Gamers may find it overkill. But I need that hyper threading for 3D rendering.

Graphics card:

It's a choice of value. Only a few models are better than GTX770, but much more expensive. GTX760 is a good choice as well, but I expect my setup last longer. This is the most noisy part in my setup. It can be heard, but not going much further than that. Choosed ACX cooling for quietness. Shouldn't be a problem with enough case fans.

CPU Cooler:

A good one, not silent but quiet enough. Maybe a little lacking in performance.


Good value.


750W was choosen with GTX760 SLI in mind. It looks like my motherboard doesn't really have enough space between PCIe 16x and 8x slots though. Paying a little more doesn't bother me. The point is it's super quiet.


It looks expensive compared to those 150 dollar FHD LCDs, but this is a Dell UltraSharp. This should be the most affordable monitor that gives you a good wide color gamut. I need it for graphic works.

Case fan:

For a case of this size, you really need enough intake and exhaust fans to force the air flow. AF120 quiet edition is pretty quiet even with maximum speed. Recommended. I also noticed that AF120 LED version has a different bearing type. I believe that's why it can be kept about the same price as non-LED version.

Not listed are a Seagate 2.5 1TB hard drive from my laptop optical position, a 3 years old Viewsonic monitor, an old VAIO laptop mouse, Logitech K740 keyboard, M-Audio CX5 monitor speakers, a Scarlett 2i4 interface, AKG K271 MKII and iRig Keys.


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