This was my first ever computer build, I studied up and spent about 2 months just going through part after part until I was satisfied. I originally started with an AMD FX 8350 -> i5 4460 -> i3 6100 -> i5 6400, so suffice to say I'm glad to be done with such important decisions!

My purpose for this build was mainly for gaming and programming. I wanted a beefy computer that could play most games on max at 1080p 144hz so I think I've gotten that quite well.

I scoured the subreddit /r/hardwareswap for many of my parts and ended getting some amazing deals :)

First off, the CPU: I was originally going to get an i5 6500, but I just couldn't bring myself to spending $200 on it. I ended up striking a great opportunity, getting an i5 6400 for only $120! This chip is amazing so far, I have no complaints.

The Cooler: I had no idea what I was doing with the cooler, so I picked one that had good reviews and that would look nice with my build. It's actually doing a fantastic job right now, with my CPU idling at about 35° Celsius. The Arctic Alpine seems to be a great choice so far.

The Mobo: I went through at least 10 motherboards before I settled on this one, I ended up getting it for $62 used. The MSI B150M updated easily after plugging my USB in with the updates for it, and booted up nicely. I'm still very new to using BIOS so fiddling around with boot drives and such was (still is) scary. The white LED's on it look great too. Great board!

The Memory: I liked the way the PNY Anarchy looked so I went ahead and got them since I was at best buy. Doing perfect so far.

Storage: I wish I had gotten a 240GB SSD but oh well, so far the Sandisk is doing wonders with boot times. The only problem (my fault), was that I thought it'd be a great idea to try and install every program on my HDD, the WD Blue 1TB because I wanted tidiness. Well some programs did NOT like being installed on a disk that was not the boot disk. Lesson learned, just put all your damn programs on your boot drive even if you want to save space on it.

GPU: The MSI r9 390 is a hell of a card, it was between that and a 480, but I just saw a good deal on it and had to bite and get it for $214. I haven't really played any intense games yet, but Mass Effect on max settings ran flawlessly. The r9 390 didn't even care it just bulldozed right through it.

Case: I like having the best of both worlds with cases. I wanted a window and wanted a case that didn't look too over the top. Whelp, I got it. The Bitfenix Shinobi Window is an aesthetically pleasing case with good cable management. Couldn't be happier!

PSU: EVGA was a no-brainer, their quality is legendary. I saw a deal on this for $45 so I immediately got it. My 550W GS is doing perfect right now, it's silent and provides consistent power. Also no explosions is a plus :)

Case Fans: I wanted to put fans with LED's facing outward on the top of the case so they'd shine through. Well, in my ignorance I didn't realize that they'd have to face downward because they have to push air out the top...... so I can't see any of the pretty LED's but oh well :(

Monitor: I got an Acer XF240H 114hz 1080p Freesync monitor from newegg for $175 which was incredible. This monitor may not be IPS but it still rocks. I've never used a 144hz monitor before so I decided it was time.

Putting this all together was pretty scary since I've never done it before. I ended up putting it together over 2 days and it turned on flawlessly and I've had no issues. It's an extreme case of beginner's luck, but I'll take it :) I'm really liking having such a powerhouse, I feel limitless now! Especially after all those years of only xbox ;)


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