They use it for gaming, music, and art; where I'll use it occasionally for for data analysis with (R, Python, Windows 10 bash console, HPC access, ect.).

Set up was a breeze and setting up the BIOS was no trouble at all (really easy actually). I selected this motherboard CPU combination because, as of the build, I believed their would be no bios update issues.

We haven't set it up for overclock as of yet, it seems like we may not need too. I haven't run any heavy data analysis either, but I get the sense it will function well. The CPU cooler was stock with the CPU we bought, may update this later on. But so far, it seems to do OK.

Memory was what we could afford, we plan on upgrading in the near future to a DDR4-3000+ hopefully.

The video card was affordable and it works well for what we will be using (Witcher, Dragon Age, City Skylines). If they have comments on FPS' ect I'll update this.

The case is the same price as listed but an NR600 ATX model, I love the cable management compartment and there is lots of room for upgrades.

Things we will upgrade in the future are CPU cooler and fans (likely noctua for both), RAM, eventually the GPS. We have a lot of pets so we are going to design the thing to push air out of the machine (positive airflow I believe).

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