This is my first gaming build with some newly added parts.

Whats new? 1.The Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 full tower. WAY better than my old Coolermaster midtower.

2.Corsair h100i CPU cooler. I have seen a good 10 degree Celsius drop in temp compared to the Coolermaster EVO 212.

3.Kingston HyperX 3k SDD. It is now my Boot Drive. If you have not upgraded to an SDD yet do it now! Its a noticeable gain in boot up and load time. I couldn't be more impressed!

  1. ASUS VG248QE monitor. Look, I know its a TN panel. There are huge debates about TN vs. IPS. Yes IPS has AMAZING colors and is visually stunning. BUT the colors and contrast on the ASUS TN look AWESOME TOO! They are just as good as my 47" Sony HD TV. The viewing angles don't mean anything because im sitting right in front of the screen when play games. Last of all the ASUS TN is WAY FASTER than any IPS on the market. 1ms response and 144mhz refresh!

Old? Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme 4. I couldn't be more happy with this MB. The Bios is easy to navigate and it has been very good with letting me overclock.

CPU: I5 3570K. If you look to the right on your screen you can see all of my overclock stats. Its one hell of workhorse.

RAM: Kingston HyperX Beast 2400mhz. FAST!

GPU: EVGA GTX 670 FTW overclocked. You can see my overclock stats to the right. Beast of a card, but I can not wait to upgrade to a GTX 800 series card when they launch (880ti)!

HDD: WD Black 1 TB.

Optical Drice: ASUS 24B1ST

PSU: Corsair HX 850. Very impressed by the packaging and it constantly delivers the power.

If you benchmark at all you can also see my 3D Mark 11 scores to the right.

Hope you enjoyed!


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