I finally got around to building myself a 9590 box. I had built one previously for a friend ( My scope was a bit different for my box, though. I didnt need all the RAM, but I am more of a gamer. so I went with 16 gigs of RAM, and a GTX 970.

CPU - pretty fast. I have stressed it with demos (scores below), but no real gameplay yet. It feels pretty snappy though. I am leaving it stock at 4.7 ghz, but I did run it up to 5.1 just to see if I could, and saw no issues.

CPU Cooler - you HAVE to liquid-cool this chip. Air cooling just wont do. I love the H100i. It's easy to set up, especially for an AMD chip. And it works well. 27 degrees idle, around 45 under load.

Mobo - This mobo is pricier than others with similar features. But it was worth it IMO. Everything about the board is high quality. The caps are all tight. Layout is nice. It has a power and reset button on the board, as well as a 2 character LED for diagnostic codes. There is also a recessed "clear CMOS" botton on the back panel. And it is the only mobo I've seen with heat pipes. Will do 2400 on the RAM, but you have to go into the BIOS to get that done, I got 1600 by default on my RAM.

Memory - Always Mushkin for me. I wanted some premium quality RAM, so I went with the 2400. 16 gigs worth. The heatspreaders are very solid. Thick without being too bulky. And it looks kinda cool on the mobo. I will probably get another 2 sticks when the prices for RAM come back down.

SSD - Again, Mushkin. In my own previous box, I had a 120 SSD and 2x500 WD SATA drives in RAID 0. I had to run large stuff from the RAID array, as I ran out of room on the SSD over time. I plan on acquiring Far Cry 4 when it's released, and I want to run it from the SSD, so I went bigger and got a 480 gig. Still north of 500 mbps read and write, just like my 120. I got a cool little mounting kit that has a 60mm fan built onto it for cooling the SSD.

Video Card - I debated long and hard over this one. It was either this or an R9 290x. I ended up with this because I really like EVGA, and I got combo deal with the PSU. The card is a beast. I could tell just running the 3dMark benchmark on it, especially on the Firestrike demo. Silky smooth. I wont be overclocking this, either.

Case - Good case, but I will probably get something else and transfer all the parts. I picked this case instead of the NZXT Phantom series because aesthetically I wanted a flat top instead of the arched. The only problems I had were mounting the H100i, and the clearance for the the cables behind the mobo tray. I underestimated how much room I would need for the H100i. I ended up mounting the fans for it on the top of the case and the radiator on the inside of the top. Having it all inside would interfere with the top clips of the RAM slots, meaning I would have had to take the CPU cooler out just to manipulate the RAM. But that's on me, not the case. I should have done more homework on it. But there was not as much room behind the mobo as I would have thought. I had a really hard time getting the cables to fit with the shell on. I managed, but it was more difficult then it probably should have been. Other than that, the case is great. Bottom mount PS, fan mounts everywhere (8 to be precise. 2 in front of 3.5 chassis, 2 on side panel, 2 on top, 1 on bottom, 1 in the rear), USB3 front panel. The slot covers on the front look good and are easy to manipulate. After having a few cases with lots of different lights on them, I wanted something that didn't look like a Xmas tree when powered on.

PSU - I have an Antec kilowatt in my previous box that I thought of transferring and saving some $$, but it's 5 years old, and I didnt want to trust my new build to an older PS. This PS is very solid. And it's Gold rated. Tons of cables come with it. Fully modular. And it's quiet, too. It comes with a terminator for the 24 pin connector so you can quickly test it before mounting it to make sure it functions. Good stuff. And the combo deal with the video card mad it that much sweeter.

Optical - I bought this BR drive for my Media Center, actually. So I swapped out the Asus DVD drive and put the Asus in this box.

3dMark benchmarks (OS is Win 7 Ult x64.): Cloud Gate - 22111 Sky Diver - 23404 Fire Strike - 8770 Ice Storm - 125699

The case fans are configured as such: side panels, top fans, and front are intake, with the rear and bottom fans exhausting. I have more intake cause the H110i fans will be pushing warm air into the case through the radiator, so I have intake fans on the other crucial components to compensate. All fans are 120mm. Config works well, ambient case temp is ~27 degrees. Case came with a 120 in the rear and a 140 on top. Top slots will do 120 or 140. I now have an extra 140 mm fan that I dont know what to do with.

I have a couple of large SATA3 drives I recovered from another box that I will probably put in here in RAID0.

I tried my best on the cable management. Like I've said in the past, I'm not a neat freak, I just want it out of the way as much as possible..


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i ise an 8350 and get awsome peformance on modern games. ul enjoy that processor. good build

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nice build how do you like Fx-9590 +1

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I haven't had the chance to really hammer on it yet. I am coming from a 965 Deneb at 3.4 to this. Just normal operation I can't really tell a difference. But I have compressed and decompressed a few files, and there is a good difference there.