Hello again. I am finally done with my PC and I love it!

This is my current machine. Hard to believe that I could ever have something like this, but I got some great deals on some parts and it kinda snowballed from there.

Never thought I would have an i7 as they are usually $350 and up. However, with patience and luck, I was able to use the crazy bait promos from Fry's and got the non-K price matched at Staples. For 150 plus shipping. Much better than the i5 I was planning to move to at the time, which was a year ago. I had to get a new mobo and was finally able to go mini ITX (couldn't before cuz I had a AM3+ chipset).

I went with the MSI z87i Gaming ac board. I was going to use the cooler I had (Hyper Evo 212) but opted to just leave the stock cooler. I swapped the mobo+CPU from the Phenom M case and was content.

About 3 months ago, I got some spending money and got the Raven RVZ02. I love this case. I will admit it was a pain to build in, as I didn't have the best setting and I started a bit late and I have big hands and the excuses can keep going.

Then the sick looking Phanteks cooler I got didn't fit. That's on me; I was an idiot and didn't realize the heat-sink itself was 47 mm; the fan pushed it further. Did not work for me. I loved how that thing looked though but had to return it. Anyways, I finished transplanting to its new host and it was alive.

Although I convinced myself the stock cooler was fine, I had been eyeing the Cryorig coolers. The C7 caught my eye, and I finally gave in. The mounting of it was a bit stressful, but I managed and it works great. I just had to be mindful of the tension when screwing it down, making sure it doesn't bend the board. I love it as it is compact, looks pretty cool and clean with the white fan, and does not get in the way of other components.

I finally upgrade my 2 x 4 GB kit. I bought a 2 x 8 GB kit of white Hyper FuryX ram sticks to continue the color theme I had going. Also got 2 cables: a sata power braided extension and a Silverstone slim sata lateral cable 500 mm. I used these 2 to help me do the cable management in the case. This took a bit of time, and was oddly relaxing, as I had to be very patient and mindful of the air circulation. I used quite a few zip ties as well.

The last upgrade was my GPU. I replaced my loyal 660 with the short MSI GTX 950 OCV1. This allowed me to mount the additional HDD I had originally, a WD blue 1 TB. I had to redo the cable management as I went from 2 drives to 3. I think I will eventually get another slim sata lateral cable, but for now, I think the build was a success.

I hope you enjoy the pics of the end result. Possible future upgrades would be LED lighting, custom braided psu cables, and definitely a handle once Silverstone releases it.

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