Note: This computer is not by any means good for modern gaming. I would not recommend buying an pre-built of this low caliber to upgrade it. There is no future pathing as OEM Motherboards have limited CPU support and it is on the old LGA 775 chipset.

Back to business! This beefy Compaq was never any good when my family used it as a Home PC. It came with Windows Vista; The OS you can use to delete the Recycling Bin. It was terribly slow and did not game well.

Just recently, I got into pouring a handful of money into it to breathe new life. I am giving it to a kind friend that has no money to afford a PC. This computer is good enough to run League of Legends and games of that caliber at Very High at 60FPS, no shadows. The resolution of the monitor I will give to her will be at 1600x900. The total amount of money going into it by me is at a low 35-ish USD. From what it what as, this is a huge boost. If any of you are looking to get a decent boost out of a old computer, then I might suggest you do the same.

Scower eBay. Do your homework on your computer; especially your motherboard. Find out what you can do for your pennies. It might do you some good.

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  • 42 months ago
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Pimping old OEM with used parts, good reuse/recycle

  • 42 months ago
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I have the same PC (not my main rig OFC) But I was also going to pimp it out a bit with more RAM ans an R7 240/GT X10 so I could create a COD: BO2 for my little brother to use with me. I love this kind of **** too.

  • 42 months ago
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if memory serves me well the mobo only supports up to Core 2 Duo CPUs

so before anyone say drop a Q6600 into it

do your research

if you are lucky, some electronics dumping site has tons of old PC so you might snag more usable PC parts

4GB is the absolute minimum for Windows 10 + games.

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