i5 2500k ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Radeon HD 7870 OC 8GB RAM

Built Q4 2012 and lasted me until now.

  • CPU-AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 3.9 GHz 8-Core Originally planned for a 3700X but Amazon botched a 3900X order and shipped a 3800X. They offered partial refund for keeping it. Chip will do 4.4zhz @ ~1.37v C15/C20 loop stable under 80C but am not comfortable with such high voltage despite auto being ~1.47v idle and ~1.31 load. I am currently 4.3ghz @1.288v with load topping at 65C.

  • Cooler-Deepcool GAMMAXX L240 69.34 CFM Liquid I bought this because it was $10 off $79.99 and no tax. I checked reviews for this unit and found the performance comparable to some top-tier air coolers which cost $100+. It has good pump efficiency, copper plate and I replaced the stock RGB fans with 2x Arctic P12 PWN PST CO. I use one of the RGB fans as the case exhaust and keep the other as a back-up.

  • Motherboard-MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC ATX AM4 First item I purchased in March 2019: impressed with the feature set given the price. I did have to use Flashback+ to update the bios to support Ryzen 3000 which gave me no issues whatsoever - worked the first attempt. I am very pleased that despite the advertised DDR4-3466 support cut-off, I have memory running at 3733 with no issues. I feel very good about this purchase despite it being made back in March: x570 is a new tier entirely in terms of COST. This is a good board and even though VRM is only 4+2 phase, it is enough to handle a 12c or even 16c.

  • Memory-G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 With the money I saved on the processor (due to Amazon error) I splurged on a good 32GB DR Samsung B-die memory kit that could max out the 1:1 3733 infinity fabric limit with CL14-15. I hoped the board could run memory frequency over spec. which it did after setting CL from 14 to 15. Running 15-15-15-36 @3733mhz with 1.41v and get a great 64.3ns latency. I choose 32GB over 16GB because I like leaving things open that I use often, such as browser windows and image creating/editing projects I frequently leave and come back to later. It is expensive and does not necessarily have good price/performance ratio, but in my case I choose the CL14 kit premium over say a CL16 kit which is approx. $70 cheaper. The $70 does not give $70 back in performance, but having 32GB of very low latency RAM is part of the "luxury" consideration of the build despite it being a value build.

  • Storage-ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME SSD My old system began with a 10k rpm drive and eventually I added a cheap 74GB SSD when they were released, so this is new tech for me. The drive is ridiculously fast - from boot bios flash screen to windows desktop is about 10 seconds, which is great given I had to restart my PC a ridiculous number of times during overclocking, testing and benching. It runs at advertised speeds of 2900/3400 and was easy to install.

  • VGA-Asus Radeon RX 580 8 GB ROG STRIX Temporary place-holder card until a suitable 5700XT or new navi comes. I bought this from Amazon warehouse deals for $199CDN and came like-new, no damage to box or card at all. It looks really great despite only being an RX580 (plays CS:GO 100fps+ at 4K60) and the only problem I noticed with it is some coil whine on load. It is noticeable and likely why it found its way to Amazon warehouse, but I only game with headphones so this is a non-issue for me personally and I can resell for near the same for what I bought it for. The only issue for me is the RGB software can not sync to the MSI Mystic Light software... they try to brand-lock people with these RGB programs, so both set to their own "breathe" setting and PC just breaths two colors that sometimes coalesce and mix. It actually looks neat and kind of unique given I choose not to use the RGB fans on the AIO.

  • Case-Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower I really enjoyed building in this case - very glad I choose it. No issues whatsoever except for the wtf-ish quality of the magnetic strips' adhesive on the mesh cover for the top. It is so bad it is laughable - like wow @ the rest of the case, really good, then wtf @ this thing. It's kind of like trolling, but they are actually serious with that part. It is bad, but no hard feelings because I do really like the case and the airflow is exceptional.

  • PSU-SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX I never go cheap on power supplies and know Seasonic has great quality. The unit works great as expected.

I know this PC will not last me the 7 years my former one did, but with the 32GB of ram and upgrade paths for the video card and processor (incl. new gen) this PC was really great to design, build and is a pleasure using so far.

Part Reviews


On auto, boost behavior yields 4.35-4.45, drops to 4.15-4.2 full load.

Does all-core 4.3Ghz@1.288v 65C load. Will do 4.4Ghz@1.37 but not comfortable running with that voltage for 24/7.

Sad AMD is micro-managing silicon rendering higher clocks binned behind paywalls/tech walls. I only got a 3800X due to an Amazon error that made this CPU as cheap as a 3600 which is what I planned for initially. The extra 2c/4t and OC headroom is otherwise not worth the ~$300 price difference between a 3600 and 3800X. A 3600 @4.2Ghz can not be beat in terms of value.

CPU Cooler

This cooler performs very well, especially in terms of value. Ordered from at $69.99 with no tax and free shipping making this too good a value over a $100+taxes air cooler such as a U12 or D15 which I passed up for this. It is on par with mid-high tier air coolers (uses a copper plate and high efficiency motor) but does not quite outperform top tier, as it shouldn't be expected to. It works great for me and keeps my 3800X OC'd to 4.3Ghz@1.288v under 65C load. I swapped the RGB fans for plain ones and use one of the RGB fans as a rear exhaust to be a bit different from a stock build.

The V2 just recently came out which replaces this, having the new anti-leak technology, but if it is


Purchased in March 2019, did not use open/use until July.

Flashback+ worked flawlessly for me:

i. removed CMOS battery, loaded newest bios on a FAT32-formatted 16GB flash drive (renamed to MSI.ROM as per instructions) ii. plugged in ATX/CPU, turned on P/S iii. inserted flash drive into Flashback+ port and pressed button iv. both motherboard and drive led indicated activity (lasted a few minutes) v. when finished, powered off, disconnected power and let sit for ~15 minutes. Installed CPU, video card, one stick of RAM and NVMe SSD, powered on to a successful POST

Memory OC spec up to DDR4-3466 but mine does DDR4-3733 with a Ryzen 3000 series CPU.

This board is a good choice for a budget Ryzen 3000 system and includes WIFI as well as Flashback+ which requires no CPU at all to flash to a Ryzen 3000 bios.

The only possible downside of this board is due to the limited size of the BIOS chip, the new Ryzen 3000 bios removes the CLICK BIOS 5 interface and replaces with GSE Lite, which is a simplified and basic menu-style bios. It is ugly, but it works for me and has not given me any issues of note. It recently added OC profile saving to USB which was very useful for me when overclocking and restoring the bios whenever my motherboard got mad about memory settings. Would have loved a CMOS reset button on the back, but they seem to only place these on luxury boards as an incentive for the higher models.


I am really impressed with this memory and despite the $70 premium over a typical CL16 kit, I am glad that if I indulged anywhere on my final build, it was on this memory.

Knowing 3600/CL16 was the "sweet spot" and of the 3733 1:1 infinity fabric cap, I wanted memory that could do 3733/CL14-15 in 1:1 with the fabric, and this gave a great result that I couldn't be much happier with.

Running 15-15-15-36 @3733 /w 1.41v which gives me 64.3ns latency according to AIDA64 (on an MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC).

It is expensive, and certainly not budget build memory, but I feel really good about choosing it and having it in my system as it adds a feel-good subtle hint of luxury: 32GB of really low latency Dual Rank B-die capping the 3733 fabric ceiling with CL15.


Really only one word: fast.

The drive is very fast. I can't imagine any user like me (who doesn't do numerous large-scale reading/writing tasks to notice) ever needing something faster than 2,900/3,400. I am coming from a 10k RPM mechanical and early 74GB Patriot Wildfire SSD on an retired i2500k system and didn't expect to see such a snappy difference between the Wildfire and this. I am glad I decided to go the NVMe route.

Video Card

I bought this from warehouse deals for $199 to hold me over until a 5700 XT with a real cooler releases.

It runs CS:GO maxed in 4K60 (43" 4K TV) at approx. 100-110fps on a Ryzen 3800X system, which is one of the few pass-time games I play nowadays.


It's a great case, a breeze and pleasure to work with/in, and has excellent airflow.

My only concern is the absolutely troll-quality mesh cover for the top intake. The magnetic strips attached to this mesh cover are cheap and pathetically applied with something that appears to want to be an adhesive, but it hardly is one. It confused me because otherwise the case is really well build and designed... except for this thing. It is just bad. Everything else is great.

Power Supply

Solid build, solid design, solid name backing a solid product.

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