Been needing to upgrade for quite a while, as I encode quite a lot of video - 70-80% of my system's up time was in encodes. Also I like to run my *********** and gamecube emulators in 1080p, so the old e8400 was really showing its age. So I slapped this thing together with my refund after researching for about a month. The build took some time to complete because I waited for everything to be on sale.

I would say the hardest part of this process was getting the cables routed, as this PSU is not modular. I chose it, however, because the internals are seasonic (which I've confirmed by looking up the factory based on the production line #), so that really gives me confidence in its reliability.

I really like this volt controller for fans on the R4, it enhances the silence of the whole build, which I needed to be extremely silence, because I record audio from a condenser microphone in the same room as the machine.

Performance wise, the 3770k is pulling its weight - what used to be a 24 hour encode job using my hand brake now takes 4-6. Much of the machines up time is still encoding, but at least it will usually finish while I'm at work and not be locked up working when I come home to play.

Graphically I'm still playing some older games. I don't really need an upgrade, as my old 560 that I yanked out of the previous build is still handling business. If I jump to more modern games and need an upgrade, this machine will at least give me the leeway to wait on a sale.

3770k - $240 (microcenter)

Extreme6 (only got vs. the extreme4 because it was on sale) $140

840 pro - $220

R4 - $90

Memory - $45

PSU +HDD (promo) - $160

I already have my monitors and peripherals, and I saved some money on the OS by just cloning it over onto the SSD from the old machine with paragon, and then once windows was in place on the SSD, doing a complete install over it with an ISO I downloaded. My student upgrade key activated windows from there. I might have been able to get away with not even bothering with the migration, but I still have a windows.old folder, I'm assuming that made the activation easier. If I had just given a completely fresh install my upgrade key, it might have complained.

I don't particularly care to look up the cost of the fans and heatsink, so I'll base my final figure on the combined credit cards and things, and ballpark the cost of this build at a final point of ~$940.


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