After 4 years of constantly longing for the funds to build a new PC (and 1.5 of those years spent doing hours and hours of research and part-picking), the timing was finally right. Say hello to ShallowRed 3.1, my PC that being used primarily for gaming, but I'm also a recording musician and a hobbyist-level video editor.

I eventually plan on OC'ing the 3570K to about 4.0GHz to start with, then possibly bumping it up more as time goes by (and I decide whether or not I want to liquid cool it). Another future addition I plan to make is adding another GTX 660 for SLI graphic processing.

She's my painstakingly researched, potentially debt-inducing dream machine, and I'm loving every moment so far. Thanks to /r/BuildAPC for the tips!


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if it fits the cooler master hyper 212? you had problems to assemble the cooler?

nice pc! :D

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MSI and G.skill aren't the best to go for. GTX 660 is so damn noisy! Anyway nice build for dat budget

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