I think it's time for me to post an update of this rig, since there have been some minor changes over the year period. Before you complain about older parts PLEASE LOOK AT THE BUILD DATE!

CPU: Same as before. It's actually surprisingly fast, and I can run it (Stable) at 4.2 GHz without an issue. I am planning to upgrade to an AMD FX 8320 soon.

MOBO: Good. Really good. It runs well and is very sturdy. I would like an extra 1-2 fan sockets though.

RAM: Bought it used from a friend. It's enough, and if I ever need to upgrade it's very cheap. Also 33 bucks? Total deal.

GPU: Quiet and satisfies my needs. Might upgrade in the future to SLI.

HDD: Relatively fast, and very quiet. No complaints at all.

Case: Well, not much to say here. I bought it for 50 bucks and it works. I am not a huge fan of how flimsy it is in places, but I can live with it. I decided to remove the top "things" since they are a pain in the *** to take out and put in. Oh an the front headphones jacks stopped working.

PSU: Quiet and non-modular. Definitely makes me want to get a modular PSU next.

CPU Cooler: It's super nice, I bought it on a slight sale so I am happy with it. It's also the same company as all the other fans in my system.

Fans: Cheap and quiet. One isn't running for like 3 months since I can't get around to buying a fan splitter. Oops?

OS: I switched from Windows 7 for the lolz. It works. Don't mind it. There is some crap running in the background called System debbuging (Or something like that) and it uses nearly 25% of the CPU power, but I am too lazy to get rid of it :P

Some other stuff I use that I didn't bother listing:

TV: I use an LG Flatron M2394D which is very good. If you have a monitor you like please list it below, I need something new :P Preferably 23 inch.

Speakers: Some Logitech 5.1 system. I bought it for 40 bucks and it works great.

Headphones: Roccat Syva. I bought them for 15 bucks and they are great. They are normally worth about 50 bucks so... Good deal?

Mic: Blue snowball. Not much to say here. Good mic for a good price.

Mouse: Some cheapo tracer mouse. It's ok but the sensor is sometimes glitchy.

Keyboard: The Corsair K70 with Cherry MX switches is great. Not much more to say. If you need a keyboard, buy this one.

Mousepad: Logitech G240 is simply the wort mouse pad I ever had. It's impossible to clean, expensive, the rubber on the bottom is slidy as hell and the material has worn off very quickly. DO NOT BUY IT!


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Nice build, although it could use a nice air dusting.

Also you didn't post the build date

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I cleaned it less than 2 days ago :P

Build date is February 2014. Dunno why it didn't post