This build went well, very well IMO. Limited info for now but will update later on. Hardware installation went well, no hiccups. Love the SPEC-02! System posted with 0 issues. Windows installation was smooth as butter. Only had to pick up the Mobo, CPU, SSD, case, and RAM. Had all the other parts already. So for the price, not bad IMO.

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FAST! Helps when you jump from a 1045T to this. Amazed!


This board was actually not the original I intended to get. After some thought, since I'm never going to be doing dual vid cards or have a ton of expansion cards, no need for anything bigger. Fit perfectly, no issues with mounting or adding components to it. Well built and strong. Price tag of $45 after mail-in helps as well.


Absolutely love this case! No complaints at all!


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+1 for the 750
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Due for an upgrade, but going to try and OC and see what i can get.