Built for a friend on short notice. All parts came from Amazon within three days, and the two laptop hard drives were sourced from my closet.

Wanted to just play games in any resolution at reasonable frames. Didn't want a space heater (RX 570) in this ITX case.

The case was the main piece of the build. Looked cool enough.

PCPartPicker didn't tell me that the GPU I chose was a triple expansion slot, so I modified the case to fit it. I'm including these images so others know that they can do the same.

Don't have the patience to write much more. If you have questions ask.

Part Reviews


About the same as an i7-7700HQ, or an i5-6500, which are both perfectly ok for gaming at 720p to 1080p. And its cheap.


Not overclocking so not worrying about VRM heat issues. If it starts to be a problem I'll put heatsinks on them. I love the Aorus boards.


Cheap. Fast enough.


Good case. Thin metal, but better than Corsair's. Reminds me of the old Corsair 380T, but could be a tad bit better aesthetically. You can actually modify the case with a dremel to fit a triple slot gpu.

Power Supply

For what it is, great.


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What cpu cooler did you use?

  • 3 months ago
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It's a stock Ryzen cooler. Most Ryzens come with a stock cooler that can support moderate overclocks.

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wasnt too big? Partpicker is telling me mine wont fit :(