So this is my first build after months of research and studying I finally purchased all the parts and put the rig together. This is mainly a gaming rig, i bought certain parts for the longevity of it because I want this build to last at least 2-4 years without the need to upgrade any of my components. Here is a breakdown and reason of why i chose certain parts.

CPU I wanted to go for the i7-4770K just for the shear power and knowing my processor would be good for a couple of years. But instead i settled for an i5-4670K. I get a good overclock out of it and im pretty satisfied with the price vs. performance.

CPU Cooler I plan on overclocking so i need a good cooler. Water cooling was the only way to go. I plan on doing a complete loop through the system but im just gonna start with keeping the CPU as cool as possible.

Motherboard May have went overboard with the motherboard but i liked the color scheme and this board give me the expansion i need without giving up the good perks i need as a gamer.

RAM less, 2 8 GB strips is good to have in the long run, because as i grow older i know my projects are going to get more complicated and i might want to go for that 32GB set up.

HDD/SDD Samsung EVO....nuff said, and the WD Black for the heavy lifting

Video Card Now this part of the bulid took me the longest to decided on. I went from MSI to Gigabyte to Reference then finally stopping at ASUS. I pick the 780 instead of the 770 because I was willing to pay that extra for the added performance and when the price drops on the 780 imma get another and put them in SLI.(Overkill I know)

Case The phantom was just enough space for all my components but i wish it was 2cm longer so i could add in the extra fan on the inside. My graphic card was just long enough to be in the way of the fan....i'm hurt but i will be ok lol. The rubber grommets inside this case are horrible but the openings are rounded so you can just take them out. Also the fan controller is hit or miss, i removed mine because it stopped working after the first boot. All my fans are being run by the motherboard.

Speaking of fans....

Fans Red and black EVERYTHING, i trust Corsair as a brand for cooling and PSU. these fans are very quiet and get the job done.

PSU I went large to compensate for possible expansion.

I pretty much stuck with 2 brands for warranty purposes. Corsair & ASUS, never had a issue with their products and the customer service i dealt with is completely A1.

Leave some comments below let me know what you think.


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Love the mother board