This is my main machine that I tend to use for gaming. Overall rather satisfied with the build except for a few minor things.

The Samsung 850 500GB SSD has been recently added and used as a hot-swap drive for my game installation files, mods and saves. I switch this between this computer and another one I am still working on that is media center/ Steam machine. No I do not use Steam OS nor do I plan on it for time being.

The Asus PCE-AC68 was put into this PC to be able to access wireless, this computer is at my office and not at home. I do not have a direct network connection for personal devices there. However I am still lucky enough to have unlimited data with Verizon and I tether my phone using PdaNet + to be able to connect to the internet.

I have been debating on replacing the air cooling to water cool solution. My temps are very stable and don't get that high in this build as it does have good air flow, but this machine can be loud at times and the CPU cooler is heavy, it weights around 2.5lbs which is a lot of stress on the mobo IMO.


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Does anyone know where I can get the haf stacker 935 case?

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Sorry for late reply, just noticed comment. I believe the case is no longer in production from Cooler Master. Best bet would probably be eBay.

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I have since uploaded some better pictures, The GPU in these is my old MSI R9 270X which has been upgraded to the GTX 970

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