I built this PC specifically with video editing and Adobe CC apps in mind, as well as a little extra horsepower for any gaming I might do on the side.

The Phanteks case turned out to be a great value, giving the build a very elegant and minimalist design. My build would have benefited from a bit more breathing room (see next paragraph) and there are no places to add more fans if air flow becomes an issue, but overall I am very happy with it. Most of the other components were likely overkill for the kind of work I hope to do with it, but my hope is that this build will last a long time before needing to be upgraded or refreshed.

The only trouble I had with the build process itself was fitting both the radiator for my CPU cooler and the disk drive into the top of the case; even when adjusted as far apart as possible, they are very snug together and the drive even sticks out a bit from the front panel. This aesthetic faux pas aside, I am very happy with how my first PC build turned out. It has handled everything thrown at it so far like a dream!

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