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Scavenge - First Gaming PC

by KnightlyGalade


I apologize for the bad quality pictures and the lack of pictures I have got. I'm not that rich to get a decent camera

This took me like over a year going from a Pentium Dual Core E5500 with the integrated G41 Chipset to a Pentium G4600 with a dedicated graphics card, as well with other stuff I put up. Good thing now I'm playing TF2 with over 100 FPS and playing Minecraft over 300 FPS. Now I'm finally getting back in Overwatch, as well playing CS:GO and Paladins.

Here's how my history goes when I started getting PC parts for my build.

  • After I quit my job from Subway, because I was moving from Iowa to California, I ended up saving around 500-650$. I was going to do a build for using a Core 2 Quad Q9400 and GTX 1050 ti for my old PC with an old LGA775 mobo, which was contained in a moving truck. However My old PC was delayed from moving from an accident.

  • Between the truck's accident and arrival, I bought myself an EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SSC ACX 3.0 and a Corsair 550W 80+ Bronze PSU from Best Buy. Originally an Insignia 450W PSU, but I quickly knew that Corsair's would always be the better buy.

  • 3 weeks later, my old PC system arrived from a moving truck. I was excited, I wanted to try to build an old, yet existing PC and upgrade the Pentium E5500 to a Core 2 Quad, but when I conclude building it, the PC itself was dead. When it couldn't work for a week, I gave up fixing the old PC and so I stored the old PC inside my closet.

  • Somewhere like a week or two ago, my brother told a relative of mine that my PC is broken and won't functionally work. She said that she can help me by giving me money to fully complete my PC. I asked if she can give me $300, but she changed her mind and instead give me a laptop to use. I thought if I buy an eGPU (Not TB3) to connect to the Laptop's PCie x1 slot, so that I can't waste $230 I spent retail shopping. Few days later, she instead asked what parts I needed to build my PC so she can order them on Amazon and ship them to my home.

  • 4 Days ago, the 4 parts remaining parts arrived. I was excited to build the PC I wanted and BOOM it's complete!

All I do is gaming on this PC. I also have plans to do some benchmarks on some games, but here's some when I play some games I have in 1600x900 in variable settings.

  • Minecraft (Fast Settings): 400-600 FPS (Mostly I go on is Wynncraft. Comes with a texture pack, but doesn't hinder any performance).
  • Paladins (Max Settings): Constant 150 FPS (Surprisingly optimized, but I don't know why the bots are hard for me. Maybe I suck playing as Viktor, but I'm fine with Strix).
  • Team Fortress 2 (Max Settings): 100-200 FPS, sometimes dips down below 60 FPS in some maps. (Game isn't that optimized, nor how detailed it was before).
  • CS:GO (Low Settings): 60-100 FPS (I don't know why I'm not getting 144 FPS. I heard it's not demanding, but most of the time it would stutter terribly).
  • Overwatch (Medium Settings): 100-120 FPS (This game actually benefits from the monitor, since this is an eSports title).
  • GTA V (Normal & High): ~60 FPS (It's a triple A title game, I'm not going to push it to 144hz obviously)

Part Reviews


So far, This CPU is giving me a lot of advantages in gaming. It's actually the CHEAPEST Pentium Kaby-Lake CPU on Amazon, right now. It's at the brink of being the perfect CPU I have with me, nothing else to say.


I believe this was around $50-$60 by the time I got this Motherboard. However, this motherboard is great for me to upgrade the CPU and add an additional DDR4 Ram Stick. I can upgrade this into a Core i7-7700, if Intel does not discontinue the 7th Gen line-up.


I was not expecting to get a single ram stick, but when I buy another one, I can get dual channel DDR4, as well having 16 GB of Ram. Anyway, this is perfectly enough for me to play the titles I'm playing now.


I actually did not buy this, I got this out from my relative's laptop and I kept it. When I used it for my PC build, it was quickly pulled out from the storage I had in my system. I took its SATA Cable and plugged it in a different SATA port slot. I fear if I put my operating system in it, it won't boot up, because my SSD will disappear again in my system.


The similar story goes from the SSD I pulled out. I got this from an old PC I had for over like 7 or 8 years ago. Has the Windows 10 Home operating system it still has in it, but apparently It magically upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and then now it has the damn watermark over it telling me to activate windows.

Video Card

A great graphics card for me to use when I play games such as Overwatch or Paladins, even Dolphin Emulator with Melee: SD Remix v3.2.1. However I'm scared to overclock this GPU, because the first time I did so from a video, I crashed my software and then it went back to its stock speeds.


Pretty much the cheapest case in the market. I asked my relative if she can order it for me and so I got it. I asked for this, because I didn't want to pressure her to spend more money to get a better quality case, like the Corsair Spec-04 or the Deepcool D-Shield or Tesseract.

Problem with this? Extremely poor cable management. I had really hard times trying to route cable and all I did was to stuff them inside the drive bay. There were some to the back of the case, but I fear it wouldn't be that narrow to go through. I even found out that one of the cable is in the 1050 Ti's fan. However It was easy to get the cord out, without pulling it out of its pin.

Funny that the first time I built this, the front 120mm fan was not spinning, because I thought I have to plug both the molex power connector and the fan connector, which there was only one and it was occupied. I tried out using only the molex and strangely works.

Power Supply

550 watts is enough for my PC, even when I upgrade with an i7-7700 and a GTX 1070/1080. Perfect, nothing much to say.


This is my very first 144hz refresh rate monitor! I was surprised how I manage to buy a great deal of this monitor! It's so much faster and extremely responsive than my previous monitor!

Strangely enough, I didn't know it has FreeSync! I would actually buy myself an RX 570/ 580 / VEGA 56 / VEGA 64, IF THOSE CRYPTOCURRENCY MINERS DIDN'T SCREW THE AMD GPUs...


An old friend I knew before I moved away from my old home state was selling a Blackwidow TE Chroma for $80. The first time I got a paycheck from working at Subway, I had enough money to buy myself the keyboard I wanted. It's extremely clicky and tactile, but I really love this keyboard with its RGB and the ability to personalize my layout for the games I am running, such as TF2, Minecraft, and even the integrated Overwatch customized layout.


I bought this at my GameStop, before it was replaced by another pointless salon. I have this mouse for over 18 months, ever since I tried using it only for Minecraft (I know, quite ridiculous because I thought buying a gaming mouse makes me a better PVP player. It made no difference, whatsoever.) Since now I'm getting into the FPS games, this mouse works perfectly for me to use and it still works ever since I unpackaged it from its box.


Solid headset, works fine as it is, nothing much to say about it, other than its annoying rusty color every time I actually scratch it with my nail. Apparently its own 3.5mm splitter broke, so I threw it away and found a new one from my garage sale.


I had this monitor as long as I had my old PC it came with. It came with a DVI-D and a VGA port and I was surprised my GTX 1050 ti and the monitor has both the ports. So I hooked it up from my new PC and it works. As of now, I use this as a secondary monitor.

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nitrotech 2 Builds 2 points 13 months ago

you deserve way more recognition for this build based on how much effort was in this review. I really like it! Also hello from the bay area.

EarthyPython 2 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

hey, I read your review about you being scared to overclock your GPU.. you said that it crashed, maybe because you over clocked it too much? that's probably what happens when you do it a little too much, you just need to get that sweet spot, good luck! :) and nice build btw

[comment deleted]
KnightlyGalade submitter 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago