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Keep in mind that this isn't a brand new build - it was originally built in 2012 (with some parts older than that), but enough changes had been made that I figured it was time to post it. Feedback is welcome - actually, that's what I'm looking for.

Gets me >60 FPS on mostly everything I play at max or near max settings in 1080p (BF3, Skyrim, Civ5, DayZ)

Of course, a single GTX 670 2GB isn't quite enough for 5760x1080 gaming - I usually dial things down to medium to keep 60 FPS. The peripheral vision is great for games like DayZ, less so for faster paced FPSes. I wish more games would have better optimized HUDs though.

I don't have enough space for triple monitors in my tiny dorm, so it's not that big of a deal. Monitors will go to family when I go back to college.

Ambient temp was 20°C.

===Part reviews===

CPU: OC'ed to 4.6GHz with 1.38v. Definitely didn't win the silicon lottery with this one, and electromigration set in fast. (I was able to hit 4.9GHz with 1.41v and stay under 100C when I first bought it, but now even 4.7GHz is difficult to hit.)

CPU Cooler: Running push/pull with Enermax Magmas. Worth it for the $40 (mfr rebate). Original fan made an uncomfortably piercing whirring sound at load.

TIM: Nothing much to say here.

Motherboard: 4+1 phase VRM might be part of why I can't hold a high OC anymore - Vcore still fluctuates a lot even when all power savings and speedstep settings are off. Otherwise nothing much to say, I got it for cheap in a Micro Center bundle with the 3570K.

RAM: Bought in 2011, when RAM prices were still sky high. Nearly impossible to OC.

SSD: Not the fastest, but was a gift, and plenty fast enough for me. Cold boot times usually under 20 seconds. HDD: Fairly fast HDD, had it for years. No complaints.

GPU: OC'ed to 1280/7200 very easily, DCUII cooler is amazingly quiet even when forced 100%. My only gripe is that the PCI-E plugs are right next to a heatpipe, and unplugging them is a major PITA, but worth the $200 ($250 -$50 mfr rebate).

Case: Love it, really suppresses noise well, and has great cable management. I wish I got the non-windowed version for sound suppression, but it was a gift as well. The front panel fan assembly is attached to the chassis by means of a plastic tab, so there's some vibration there. Ability to completely remove drive bays and SSD mount in back of case is pretty nice.

Case Fans: Enermax Magmas are a bit noisy in push/pull, but the Fractal SSR2s are great.

PSU: Insane deal on this one, it's usually $140, but I found it for $70 ($90 -20 mfr rebate) on Newegg. Passive mode, fully modular, 80+ Gold, not much to complain about except the damn wires. They're fairly inflexible, and take a lot of shaping to keep them bent the way you want. There are no straight SATA power plugs, which meant I had to get a third-party adapter to plug in my SSD. Also, they're not sleeved, and the rubber leaves black residue all over your fingers.

DVD drive: I don't even use this thing.

Main Monitor: Reason for 23.6" side and 24" main is so I can overlap the bezel. Check the pictures. The Dell one is a bit on the cool side and not as bright, but is overall great, and I've had it for years.

Side Monitors: The ASUS monitors have terrible viewing angles (goes pink viewed higher/lower, green left/right), giving a slight greenish tinge to everything when I use them as side monitors, no matter how I tweak the RGB settings. Otherwise, solid monitors. ($130 -$20 mfr rebate)

Keyboard: Solid Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard. I wish it was fully backlit, since the partial backlighting only makes it harder to see the other keys in the dark, but again, was a gift.

Mouse: Decent mouse for the money ($70 -$30 mfr rebate), some of the macro buttons have mushy switches.

Headset: Dolby Surround does the job, vastly superior to solutions like Razer Surround. Somewhat heavy compared to other headsets, cloth earpads get dirty easily. Microphone is nice.


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Great build man! I like everything about it. I was supposed to get that quickfire pro keyboard and a mouse from best buy for a cool $70 as well but they canceled the deal on me without warning:/ Question about the fractal fans, do they move enough air? I'm looking to replace my stock fans with some powerful and quiet ones.

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At full 12V they move a ton of air, and are reasonably quiet as well. Toned down to 5V when idle, they're next to silent.

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WOW! Really nice build man! I've always wanted a three monitor setup but I never have had the desk space or the money to afford three monitors! My Pc could run it(GTX770 + i5 4670k) but it's just so much money for three of them! Looks sweet man! Enjoy! +1

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I wish I could keep all three monitors - I'm just home for the holidays (super-long winter break), and I'll only be able to indulge myself for 2 more weeks. The ASUS monitors will go to my parents' computers once I leave, so it's not a wasted investment.

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Ah that makes sense! Well, enjoy them while you have them!

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Nice build, and great photos!

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lol amazing setup...but whats up with the chair???

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