First off I'd like to thank Pcpartpicker for an amazing site without you I imagine I'd have ended up with incompatible parts somewhere down the line.

So here it is my first full build. Now over the years I've Frankensteined off the shelf pc's together added memory graphics cards power supplies all super budget stuff mainly donor or literally out of the garbage parts, but this here is the first from scratch build I've done and i can't express how happy and satisfied i am.

The idea started just before Christmas when my laptop had died and my wife and me went looking for a computer. After a few days i was disappointed nothing really stood out in a realistic budget. So my wife decided that we should just build a system instead. So on the internet i went to research how to go about it. Thankfully I found and their list's which led me here.

Finally with these resources i could think about what i wanted out of this new pc. Future compatibility I don't want to be replacing this any time soon, of course gaming had to be some of the priority, and my wife is needing something that can handle game design as well as web development. Well you try to fit that into around a $1000 budget and no not gonna happen so the plan became a solid base with a smooth upgrade path.

Part Reviews


This is my first overclocking CPU I've already taken it to 4.6Ghz for a bit of fun. I am very happy with this cpu but hope to upgrade to the 6700k later this year. My only complaint no hyper-threading, but I didn't pay for hyper-threading did I lol.

CPU Cooler

THIS IS LOUD VERY VERY LOUD!!! It also knocked my 6600k at full load down 10c I've peaked out at 51c overclocked full load. Oh and on a side note it's big, big enough to cover the inner most ram slot... But it keeps things cool and looks great plus i grabbed it up from ebay for $30 bucks.


Everything I needed on the cheap. Just wish it had SLI compatibility.


3200 clock at 16 cas could have done better but i'm not disapointed.


First SSD for me WOW that's fast!!! I hope this is a quality piece/brand. So far so good I've done fresh installs of windows and drivers on it 3 times in the couple of months I've had it and it's still running strong.


Mass storage for the moment good price and from what I've seen great brand/quality.

Video Card

This was all my budget would allow for the moment I only had $150 for graphics. I am quite happy with it for now. I'm playing WOW at the moment and having no problems keeping 60 fps even in raids that's way better then any of the off the shelf PC's I've owned. I Just added a cpu cooler and figured while I was at it I'd change the thermal paste on this so far it seems to be a fluke but im gettting 20c less at full load I'll be testing this more later. I should soon be upgrading to the first MSI R9 390.


This is mixed for me Its got great looks and tons of air flow but has some problems. Main problem's are the SSD bay had to be removed for my PSU to fit, and there is no room for a radiator and fans at the top grill. Oh and because of the bulged out panel's cable management is as easy as it gets.

Power Supply

Trusted brand enough power for my current needs. First modular system I've used and made the system look so much cleaner. I do plan on replacing it with the 1000 watt version just before I upgrade to dual MSI R 390's. But I think I'm gonna stick with EVGA for my power supplies.

Case Fan

Noisy!! I immediately ordered a fan controller after i turned these on. But hey They got blue leds so that's cool right.

Fan Controller

The mesh pattern and blue lights and slider switches match my system And anything that quiets the Deepcool fans is a necessity.


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So this is the upgrade path we've chosen: 1) MSI R 390 2) EVGA 1000w 3) MSI R 390 4) I-7 6700K 5) G.Skill Ripjaws V 6) Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 7) custom water loop

The storage is going to be added as we can afford it. We hope to pull the parts for the custom loop together by the time we get the 6700k. So I'm looking for suggestions on water blocks for the cpu and gpu's . I know I'll be pumping with a mcp655 or d5 vario. Thanks for taking a look and please I'm open to any suggestions as long as it's not scrap it and start over lol.

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+1, nice build. I like the case cause i am getting one just like it. I would definately upgrade the SSD to a larger one and definately get the R390 at some point, so that should help. It seems you have a good idea as to what your upgrade path should be.

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After you got the fan controller, did the deepcool xfans become quieter? are they only loud because of high rpm and would be quieter if set on medium to low rpm?