This is my first build since I used to put together beige boxes out my old man's out-modded components back in the early 00's. It's been laptops and second-hand towers since then, but I decided to use my first work bonus to treat myself to some sealed hardware.

Purpose: I wanted a PC that could give me a decent Battlefield 4 experience (currently 60/1080p, not upgrading anytime soon), as I have been struggling through 25-30 fps with my machines since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Running future titles well in the future was also a consideration

Budget: I wanted to stay under $1000 total, but after reading some of the build guides here and using other resources on /r/buildapc I realized an $800 build was very doable.

Results: I haven't had too much time to stress test, but playing BF4 on Ultra on 64-player maps gives me peaks of 50 and 78 degrees C for the CPU and GPU, respectively. Dropping the settings down to High didn't result in a noticeable difference.

Thoughts: Though the manufacturers' literature indicate those temperatures are within the normal operating tolerances, I do want to tweak the airflow setup in the case so as to keep dust out. Pictures 3 & 4 show the dust collection from the week after initial build during which I had the computer off about 50% of the time. My apartment is pretty dusty (old carpet, pet dander/fur) so I think I need to add some more fans to create a positive pressure environment when I'm using the PC and possibly use one of those throwback grade school PC covers when I'm at work. I was thinking a Prolimatech Ultra Sleek 140mm input on the bottom (the case will be on a desk), an SP140 input on the lower side panel grill adjacent to the GPU, and an SP140 exhust fan in the top back corner above the CPU.

Questions: I'd really appreciate some feedback from you all, especially regarding extra fan placement/necessity. 1. Is the potential input to exhaust ratio high enough to keep dust out? 2. Will the the 2 chassis fan inputs on the MoBo be enough to use some splitter magic and optimize airflow using the MoBo controls or should I get a fan controller to manipulate fan speeds for different uses? 3. Besides dust filters for the inputs, should I get filters for the vents as a whole (side, back, top) to keep external dust out of the case or will the positive pressure environment take care of that issue when the computer is in use? I like how the fitted DEMCiflex kit for the 200R keeps everything looking nice, but I don't want to hinder airflow or trap dust inside if the positive pressure will make them counter-productive.

Thanks for reading!


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  • 59 months ago
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Try watercooling , something like a Cooler Master Seidon 120M is a good option, and doesn't cost over 9000 bucks. Temps are gonna be cool as hell (that doesn't make sense right?!)

  • 59 months ago
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very nice build looking to have the same setup for my college freshman son! It seems that the only way to be dust free when it comes to PC builds is using a case that has minimal exhaust holes and stick with liquid cooling like that of the silencio PC cases but then again it will defeat the purpose of having a bang of buck gaming pc, cleaning the PC every 3 months won't probably hurt as I did just recently on my 6 month old build from Jan 2015.

  • 59 months ago
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Nice build (as far as I can tell)! I have never built a pc but want to build one around this price. All I would do on it is play games like gta v, battlefield and some light editing. Do you know how well this will play gta v and because I don't want to overclock the cpu, do i need to buy the aftermarket cooler or can I just use the stock one? Thanks in advance. BTW with your fan problem, I would recomend you put another exaust fan on the top. If that doesn't work you should maybe just get a microfiber clothe and wipe it down every week or so. Also if you haven't gotten dust filters for all of the intake fans they would help.