First build for since the the Core 2 , been out of the game for a while and decided it's maybe time for a new machine.. been shocked to see how things moved that far in few years but I did my homework, checked many forums and many completed machines and I came up with the parts for my first build that I thought it might be good for a couple of years before considering upgrades , though I don't think I would even wait that long .

My logic about my choices was mid to high overclocking machine and I decided to go for the I5 4670k Haswell and I think it's future proof for a couple of years if not more doing fine at 4.4 GHZ with temp hovering between 75-78 mark and I posted the temp @ 3.8 GHZ idle and under load of prime95 which I ran for 8 hours as a stress test

I went for Gigabyte Z87 OC.. OC ignite and Trubo switches are really nice additions for a mobo

The Sapphire HD 7950 Vapor X: That was a leap of faith and I used to be an Nvidia fan boy but I decided to take my chances with AMD and specially with some very detailed reviews I found across my way searching ..working on 2 screens @ 1600x900 and all game titles I have ( AC 3, Ghost Recon , BF3 , COD black ops2 , etc ,) are on Ultra no problem at all. I would say i'm really satisfied with the performance and I didn't use the OC switch on it yet.

I went for Kingston when it came to SSD (60 GB) ..I know it's not that much getting another one soon after experiencing the difference between it and the 1 TB Caviar Black( second drive) Approx 11 times faster

for ram I have 16 Gb ( 2x8 Gb) Hyper X chips too much for gaming but it's not such a bad idea though.

Cooling was my concern and for that I changed the one 200mm fan that came with the phantom by 2x200mm on the top pulling the hot air from inside the case and using 7x 120mm ( including 2 for on the Antec kuhler radiator ) temps now on idle are CPU 29 , Sys 38 , PCH 41

NZXT Sentry LX is a no really good on controlling 5 120mm fans ( 3.8 watts each as I can recall ) but not for any of the 200mm as the max for it is 5 watts per port .

I'm using performance test 64-bit to benchmark different overclocking setups ( win7 Sp1 64bit and WD caviar black as boot)

3.8 GHZ ( default) : 2369.1 4.4 GHZ turbo off : 2632 4.4 GHZ turbo on : 2949

I'll be adding more pics later on and more benchmarks after upgrading to Windows 8.

Your opinions and thoughts are appreciated and thanks in advance.


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Nice build! How are those 200mm fans working for you?