Hello all! This is White Carbon, my white carbon fiber wrapped 450D build.

CPU ~ This CPU is the real reason why new parts started rolling in; Bought a 4790k at Microcenter (If you don't have a Microcenter near you, I'm sorry) for $249.99 plus tax. At $250, I couldn't pass this opportunity to get a great CPU.

CPU Cooler ~ I knew that I was gonna be getting this cooler as soon as I picked up the 4790k. I plan on doing push/pull config if the space permits. (UPDATE) So the original plan was to mount the rad + the push/pull config to the top of the case but that wasn't going to fit so it was mounted in the front.

MB ~ The reason why I choose this MB is because it was a nice 2-tone color that I like and has basically all I need.

RAM ~ Bought this to upgrade my previous build (replaced ADATA V2 8 GB of 1866 GHz) so now its going in the new build.

Storage ~ Bought the 250GB M.2 SSD after inspecting the MB and noticing that it yields a M.2 slot; I plan on using the M.2 as the boot drive and put my essentials on like Steam and what not. The 2 TB Hard drive is for holding everything else (Also from my previous build).

GPU ~ Also bought this GPU at Microcenter for my previous build (replaced a 1 GB 650 from MSI) and is now going into the new one. I knew I wanted a 970 from MSI (fite me nerds) ,but I didn't want the regular red 970 MSI offers so I decided that I was gonna get a special edition 970. I was originally gonna get the Golden Edition 970 the MSI offered, but it sold out a day I was gonna buy it, so I found the next best thing! The 100Million Edition 970. Absolutely no regrets buying the 100ME. Comes with a nice backplate with 100ME etched in, absolutely cool.

Case ~ I was stalking the 750D since early 2014, but wanted something smaller , lo and behold Corsair debuted the 450D (Just what I wanted, Thanks Corsair!). I liked the nice look of the 450D originally, but I didn't want ANY ol' 450D, so I did a thing (More on this below).

PSU ~ I wanted something that was fully modular and 80+ Gold, and this fit the bill nicely.

Wireless Network Adapter ~ Whattayaknow? It's Wireless! Originally I was running wireless but now I'm running both wireless and wired connections just cause. (UPDATE) The wireless card is currently in my HTPC, but I will order a new wireless card for this build at some point.

Fans ~ They're blue. I like blue. (UPDATE) They are louder than my previous build fans, so I might pick up some fan undervolters. (UPDATE UPDATE) I picked some up.

Others ~ I bought some LEDs to illuminate my case, fan splitter to power dem fans (Anyone notice my sneaky beaky hiding spot? C: ), mounting bracket to avoid using the hard drive cage for just 1 hard drive and carbon fiber to wrap stuff.

The Wrapping Adventures and Build Notes

So this portion of the text wall will be dedicated to my wrapping and build complications. One of the many problems that I had with wrapping the 450D was both side panel handles because of the curves, I couldn't the vinyl to adhere to the corners. Another complication I had was the front top panel corners as you can see from the pictures, but I wrapped the nasty corners sooo ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . The last thing that kinda bothered me was the top panel vent cutout and the front panel drive bay wraps were kinda bad but its not terrible. Also the direction of the carbon fiber goes in opposite each side, but thats not exactly a bad thing because the front panel also included in the mix match. Wrapping the 450D took a whole day, I could've completed the wrapping earlier but I wanted to take my time and because I took breaks. I added my tag on the side on a separate piece of carbon fiber just in case I don' t like it, thus avoiding having to wrap the entire side panel if I decide that I don't like it. (Remember kids, its always a good idea to take breaks when working) ( UPDATE) A few days later, I went back and cut any extra vinyl away to make it look cleaner )

When the first 450D came in the mail, it had a nice 3.5 inch in the side window which can be seen in the pictures (filed for return). After the second 450D came, I started the wrapping process. I also added some comparisons of the original 450D and mine with the cracked 450D. So even after doing a lot of reasearch on the 450D, I forgot that the rear exhaust was 120mm and ordered a 140mm fan for it (Whoops), but if I have to attach the fan with zip-ties, I will. ( UPDATE ) I did.

I had a 8520 OD'ed to 4.0 GHz in my previous build; Nothing wrong with AMD, just wanted my next build be Intel.

So after building a new computer, I have enough parts to build a spare computer for my cousin as a house warming gift as he is having his house built.

All of the pictures were taken with my IPhone 5S (I'm sorry)

At the end of all this, I'm a very happy camper! Also thanks for reading this text wall C:


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You have a strong build, solid CPU. Love that case.

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Good to see this case vinyl'd. I have the same case but don't like plain black so I was considering spraying or vinyling it, even just the front or sides. It looking slightly rough on the edges so maybe I'm better off just sticking with only doing a partial vinyl.

But yeah it looks way cooler than plain ol' black. Blue lighting looks great too.

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Thanks! Hope your modding goes well c:

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******* I love that case. I have one myself without the sick white carbon fiber (actually my rig is almost identical but a little less fancy). Mine arrived unscathed but man, what is it about people bumping that case during shipping? I feel like every build that's on here has a 450D that had to get returned.

Great build, very jealous of the Microcenter purchase for the 4790K.

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Thanks! I died a little on the inside when I saw the crack, but all is well now.