VO₂ Max is a 3D rendering workstation we built for Prosource Fitness Equipment.

This system is designed with a decent level of GPU rendering in mind, and will be used primarily as a render box.

This system uses a 6-core Ryzen 5 2600X processor with a GTX 1060 6GB video card. The software used works best with a GTX 1060, and the Ryzen 5 2600X provides ample CPU rendering power as well.


  • 4 months ago
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Dam you maybe should have waited for AMD navi cause i find the 1060 is at a really high price point right now, the rx 580 is about 80 quid cheaper and has very similar performance.

Love the build though very crispy ;)

  • 4 months ago
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I'm not sure how the RX 580 would have worked in this scenario. The software developer recommended a GTX 1060.

Thank you!

  • 3 months ago
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Hey man,

Nice build haha. Love the pc parts too. Wise picks.

I'm also trying to build a gaming + video editing/rednering/exporting setup but unsure on SSD decision/choices. Would you say 500mbps speeds for both READ/Write is ok? sorry for the nuisance.

  • 3 months ago
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That's fine, a lot of software programs can't take advantage of the sequential speed of NVME. This is also a marketing thing, as the sequential read/write is sexier than the IOPS (the specs that really make SSDs snappy).

For heavy-duty workstations, I tend to spec a 500GB SATA SSD for OS/programs, a 1TB SATA/NVME SSD for work, and sometimes another 500GB SATA/NVME SSD for dedicated cache. The cache and work drives can be combined,though I'd probably go 1TB NVME at that point. Read/write speed is less important than say, memory amount...or CPU performance.

If you have at least 2 decent SATA SSDs, you'll probably be fine.

  • 2 months ago
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thanks for the reply man. Mann..I could literally look at ur build over and over haha. Soo good.

Soz for responding late. I rarely check my email alerts haha. But I'l be getting a m.2 ssd drive and a Sata SSD.

For the Noctua cpu cooler, did you get offered an extra fan? apparently it says on the cpu description:

"Anti-vibration pads and fan-clips for second NF-F12 (optional)

For users who want to achieve even better performance by adding a second, optional NF-F12 fan to create a push/pull setup, the NH-U12S includes fan clips and an extra set of custom-designed anti-vibration pads that allow to off-set the rear fan by 5mm to improve acoustics in dual-fan mode"

Does this mean that we are able to request/ask for the second NF-F12 to go with the Noctua cooler?

Would you be able to check out my build and see if it is ok to add that extra fan? I want to have it for max airflow haha but not sure if it will be squishy...

My build:

Feel free to also provide critique hehe. sorry for the inconvenience haha.

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Thank you! You'd have to order a second NF-F12 fan, they won't give it to you for free. The necessary pads and clips are provided with the NH-U12S though.

Everything looks good, but for the monster single NF-A14 fan. Why do you have such a powerful fan, and where are you installing it?

Looks like you're using the RGB fans on the rear (single) and front (dual). If that's the case, I'd probably get a pair of NF-F12 Chromax fans for the NH-U12S...though a single fan is totally fine for that CPU load. The NF-F12 has superb airflow and static pressure performance.

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Thanks so much for the response and help.

Oh darn it haha..if I were to order the second NF-F12 fan for the NH-U12S, where would this be placed? Judging from your build, I assume it would be placed on the "left side" of the NH-U12S?

Regarding the NF-A14 fan, I just want to maximise that case the RGB fans do not cool my components well haha. Oh and also, since I'm trying to make this build future proof, might as well just put a monster fan in the case to keep things cooling for years without changing. I plan on placing/installing it on the Front of the case.

So it should be like this:

The 120mm RGB fans will be placed on the rear (single) and the top (dual).

For the NF-A14 fan, it will be placed on the front (single).

This setup okay? Took me like 1 week to arrange this setup haha.

P.S. I saw that you chose the Tomahawk motherboard. I was originally doing to get this board but the price is a bit high on my end haha. Would the motherboard (MSI - B450 Gaming Plus ATX AM4 Motherboard) I chose here ( is okay? I saw a bad review here ( which makes me quite anxious...

Again, thanks for the reply and sorry for more nuisances haha.

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Put the second NFF12 on the left side of the cooler, yes.

The fans will create a very odd scenario, in both visual appeal and airflow performance. You have a mix of tan/brown, RGB, and black. I would use NFF12 Chromax (black) fans on the cooler, and use Corsair ML120 Pro RGB fans everywhere else (very good static pressure, airflow, low noise, and RGB).

You'll probably need a Corsair Commander Pro as well (the Tomahawk doesn't have that many fan headers), and might need a Lighting Node Pro if you wish to control the RGB on the ML120 Pros via Windows.

No worries, hope this helps.