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QimmiQ - First Gaming build

by Nabushi


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Date Published

May 18, 2016

Date Built

May 6, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

4.4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

45.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.253 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.01 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

25.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

65.0° C


'' QimmiQ : For many generations, the Inuit have bred sled dogs to help track prey and pull loads on their travels throughout the North. The Canadian Inuit dog, Qimmiq, is endemic to Canada; it is a distinct breed known for its ability to pull heavy loads, resist harsh climates, and thrive on a high protein, high fat diet of fish and frozen meat. According to archaeologists, this dog has been present in the Arctic for at least 4000 years – as long as the Inuit themselves – and is one of the world's oldest pure breeds. Sadly, changes in the Arctic during the past century have reduced its numbers to such an extent that the Canadian Inuit dog is now at risk of disappearing''

Hi, this is my first gaming build (i build many low/mid end computer for friends and family) and thanks to this great site i saved a lot of money and got great info on parts. Note that English is my second language.

So the color theme is from the black&white wolf-dog with blue eye from Canadian Inuit. I'm no Inuit but love those wolf-dog and when i was thinking of a name for this build i found that. It reflect the purpose of this build: Heavy load and resist harsh climat.

CPU: After some research on this cpu, i decide to go with it for futur proof and great overclock potential. It's currently oc at 4.5ghz (i know i can push more but i prefer to play safe.) and i'm totally satisfied with it.

Cooler: My first experience with liquid cooler, this one had great price/quality value and it does the job right.

Mobo: I'm sold to Asus and this board had everything i wanted. Great mobo for gamer, overclock is easy and great feature. Be aware that if you put a pcie ssd, the sata 1&2 are deactivated, witch suck if you din't know it and have your main boot on those...

Ram: G.Skill have the greatest price and the color was just right for me. 16gb is more than enough for me.

GPU: My first version had 2 970 sli (was great when sli work, but 2 gpu make a lot of heat and noise). Changed for the marvelous EVGA 1080 ti Hybrid. Since i play surround and/or at 120 fps, this beast do the job in a cold way.

Case: I realy love NZXT cases. It was easy to manage cable, hdd placement and fans on that one. Great quality.

Power suply: Got a gold evga for peace of mind and stable power. (changed the 650W for a 1000w during black friday evga deal 2018, so i could had, in a distant futur, another 1080 ti hybrid)

Fans: The 200mm one are really quiet. The 2 120mm blue led are more noisy, i put them at the bottom at low spin so i barely hear them. I also got a Zalman 140mm on the side (not listed here) that worth more than the other ones and i cant hear it at full speed. I change the fan on my 1080 ti radiator for the silent Noctua... I hate fan noise :)

Other All the other part came from my previous computer. The Asus VG248QE are the reason why i want 120 fps in game. Its a 144 hz monitor that can be use with lightboost hack to completely remove motion blur from game (crt monitor feeling) wich is more fluid than any frame sync monitor. Check Blur busters for more info.

I had a lot of pleasure building that gaming rig and honestly i would make one again just for fun :). Thanks pcpartpicker!

Part Reviews


This cpu work like a charm and handle oc/heat very well. I choose it for gaming and i have no regret. OC to 4.5.

CPU Cooler

Easy to install (watch out for the pump cable, mine got stuck between cpu and copper plate... almost fried my new cpu). Keep my cpu around 30c (+-2) at idle and the max i saw on intense gaming was 60c, but it's generally under 50c with less intense game. Is a little noisy over 70% fan spinning.


Completely satisfied with this mobo. Got plenty of extra nice feature for gamer mainly. Easy overclock in bios or with asus software. I would recommend a more basic version for non gamer.


Best quality/price you can get for RAM in a gaming build.


well its a ssd and its from samsung... you cant realy go wrong. Put all my games on it, load fast (like any ssd). Still working after 1 year. Goes on sale often.


Just pure speed. Cant read games tips on load screen cause it load to fast.


Got 2 of them, one as 4 years and still fine. Its cheap and ok quality.

Video Card

Very powerful ! Coming from sli gtx970, the jump in performance is huge. Got 80-120 fps in surround triple monitor in most of my game, and for 1080p its ultra/120 fps steady (you have to limit fps or it will go crazy). The highest temp i saw to date is 52c and my overall system heat also drop, which is great. I replace the radiator fan with a Noctua NF-F12 cause i love silent computer, but the default fan is ok, just a little to loud for me.


I think NZXT make the better looking cases and they are all made with easy handling. This one got plenty of space (its a realy big tower) and you can put up to 3x 200mm fan in it. The only downside is that the fan dust grid prevention make noise when the bottom fan go at 50%+ speed (they vibrate).

Operating System

It's windows... i just use it to play game, all other thing all do it on linux.

Case Fan

Basic led light fan, a little to noisy.

Case Fan

Great fan, can't hear them.


It's my main monitor mainly for gaming, which is what that monitor is for. Handle nvidia 3d and you can use lightboost hack to remove blur on 2d game (see blur buster for info). It pivot from portrait/landscape. A little big but great performance, love it.


Great mouse for gaming for 3 reasons: -Every button can be bind and you can create game profile with the app. -1000 pull-down -dpi switch programmable up to 4600

i would like a unlock scroll wheel like my other logitech mouse

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thejokster1 1 point 34 months ago

Nice build mate looking forward to more pics. BTW did you pay full price for everything? Might be able to save a little for the GPU with minimal wear parts on eBay or something. +1

Bb_ 2 points 34 months ago

I like my GPUs Field Tested

Nabushi submitter 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

Yeah i pay full price, i had bad experience with used part, specialy gpu, in the past. I wanted to go safe with full warranty .

amitbhullar 1 point 34 months ago

I am pretty much looking at similar build. Same CPU, case and Asus monitor. Looks good.

Nabushi submitter 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

Thanks. The Asus VG48QE is a great monitor for gaming and with lightboost hack you got the same effect of a gsync monitor.

amitbhullar 1 point 34 months ago

What's a lightboost hack? Is it software based? Thanks

Nabushi submitter 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

It's both software and hardware since you must have a certified nvidia 3dvision monitor and a nvidia gpu. The software use the 3d vision driver to render image like if it was on 3d but for 2d. What it does is make the monitor flickering (you don't see it) so it remove blur and ghost trail. You must have a constant 120 fps to see full effect. I can assure you that it's make game look incredibly fluid!! No blur when moving fast. You can learn more at http://www.blurbusters.com/

amitbhullar 1 point 34 months ago

Thanks a lot mate. I was really interested in an Acer monitor but it's offered AMD free sync but I am gonna buy a nvidia GPU so it wouldn't have worked???? New monitors should announced in a week or 2. Let's see how we go.

Nabushi submitter 1 Build 0 points 34 months ago

for nvidia it's Gsync monitor. Gsync is handle by the monitor and compatible with all geforce from 600 and up. Freesync is handle by gpu, so you need a recent amd gpu. Lightboost hack can be compare with gsync/freesync in term of final result (no tearing/blur/stutter) but they all use different technology. If you can afford gsync monitor go for it, as i personally prefer nvidia.

Michelle.G 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

I like the name you chose. Nice case.

Nabushi submitter 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

Thanks, your build is looking great to, he definitely got attitude ;)

Michelle.G 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

Thanks to you too.

skyrise 1 Build 1 point 30 months ago

Good choise on the Nepton 120XL cooler.

Nabushi submitter 1 Build 1 point 30 months ago

Yeah i like it. for the price it does a great job.

Pacidius 1 Build 1 point 9 months ago

I'm considering replacing radiator fan on my EVGA or using the set fan together with an other in push/pull configuration. How did you connect the Noctua NF-F12 which is a 4-pin fan? Did you plug it into the motherboard? I have no pins left there. That's why I cannot see other solution than to use a splitter right from the card and some silent 3-pin fan, perhaps Corsair Quiet edition SP120. Any advice, guys? Thanks.