I am 17 years of age and am studying an interactive media course at college, which involves working with software such as Lightwave 3d, Cinema 4D, Realflow, Photoshop, after effect, Finalcut pro and many more... i have now reached the point where i know how to use the software and want to push my creativity, but am finding that my home computer is holding me back due to render times and laggy interfaces.

Old Pc spec...

i5 2500k @ 4ghz

Stock cooling

8gb ddr3 1333mhz ram

5200rpm 1tb hhd

NVidia GTX 280

850w power supply

I’m not knocking my old gal... we’ve had some great times and she’s served me well but, it’s time for an upgrade.

As I’m a full time student my budget wasn’t huge but i have been working at a bakery part time for 5-6 months and have gathered £650 to get a pc, which if i was to buy a pre-built machine would get me nowhere, so i realised to get the spec i wanted i would have to build my pc.

After doing some research i decided that i was going to stick with Intel because for rendering they are just... oughhft, And with the new i7 cores having hyper threading it was an easy option as 8 render threads would easily outperform my old i5 2500k and the 8 core amd processors. I went with the i7 3770k as it was only £235 and i could overclock it easily and there are a lot of positive reviews about them.

I got the cooler at a local shop bundled with the ASrock Motherboard for £125. I wanted a Solid state drive to run all my programs from as doing so will greatly improve the speed of the programs, and 256gb seemed more than enough to install the operating systems and programs. I will also be getting a 3tb hhd once i have some more pennies :) for footage and other media.

I chose the Z11 Plus Case because it looks so damn cool! nuff said.

650w is more than enough power to run the hardware i will be putting into the computer so i went with a power supply with good street cred and a price to match.

Due to the budget i decided to use the ram and graphics card out of the old computer which i do plan on upgrading is the future, Hopefully ram similar to 16gb Kingston Beast at 2133 mhz or 2400mhz and Graphics card similar to GTX 760 or 770, but saying that the windows expectance index blew me off my chair... i was expecting a low 6 because of the ram and GPU :D so i was quite happy with that... and everything I’ve done so far with the pc has been so smooth and slick in comparison to the old pc it’s unreal. Its took 40% off render times and the boot up time is around 10 seconds... very happy so far can’t wait for it to be completed! :)

I also managed to pick up a second hand final cut pro apple keyboard and mouse for £30 :0... Looked em up and the retail at £150 :) keeping it for now though as it works on my pc and i use final cut pro a lot, but might sell on later and use the funds to get a few bits.

Build time was less than 45min, the ASrock quick installation manual was easy to follow and very clear, had no major issues getting everything to fit so i was a happy bunny :)

I shall update this as i get new parts, and will add photos once i put the effort into cable management :D Thanks For reading :P

Updated... Brought an Extra fan for the cpu cooler today... ran stress test max temp after 5 hrs was 52 degrees which is a 10 degree improvement... i also got a Samsung dvd writer for functional reasons :)

Brought me some Ram :D :) :D


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For the price, very good. Get a GPU though, it will speed up the render times and make actually creating a lot faster and less laggy. +1 ;)

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I currently have the GTX 280 from my old pc which will do the job until i can afford a GTX 770 or similar.

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Oh, well good luck with the build. I 1+ed :)