The entire build was made off a $1000 budget. The CPU and GPU was given to me by my Uncle for free so it wasn't the original I planned on. I found that the CPU is good enough for the type of tasks I do on my computer, as for the graphics card it is being replaced in two months time as of the time of typing this. Now that the information is covered I'll explain each of my parts and why I chose them.


Uncle's Gift (may upgrade in the future but it'll probably come with a full system upgrade)

CPU Cooler

Cheapest, High Quality Air Cooler


Have plans to upgrade into a Master Case 5 and have a black and white themed build so it fit well + the SLI support for the possibility to go SLI in the future


Low Profile, 8gb is all I need for now.


Wanted a cheap boot SSD and HDD for mass storage.


Abomination. Replacing it in two months time from typing.


At the time, I wanted a brushed aluminium look now I've realised I wanted a side window and need more expansion space for the future. Upgrading to a Master Case 5.


Needed a 500W at least, 550W gave me some leeway.


Latest Windows.

Wireless Adapter

Just needed a fix for a small networking problem I was having.


Old Monitor I had.


Nice chassis and nice brown switches.


All those macros.

Mouse Mat

Desk Protection

Over all the build was a starting point for a long upgrade path starting with transplanting the build in a MasterCase 5 and getting a 970.


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