Hi this is my first build, and i only planned to spend $500 that went out the window quickly but I feel like it is very future proof (at least that is what I tell myself to justify it). I didn't take pictures of the cable management but it turned out fairly mediocre at least to me. I use it mainly for gaming but will possibly use it for some productivity. I will leave a review on most products I used.

I spent around 1150 for everything.

Part Reviews


8 cores 16 threads and they are trying to clear inventory now


Great board for the price regularly goes on sale for 70-75


Has hot spots on rgb but xmp works out of box with Ryzen

Video Card

Now price has dropped it makes it worth getting a 590


took off 2 stars because of the instructions for the fans even looking up the YouTube video was useless but i do like the look and price but i would recommend getting the $50 and buying a pack of rgb fans instead.


This may be one of the best panels I have ever seen, cant say enough about it. Highly recommend and doesn't break the bank.


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Wow... Nice prices indeed.

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Not a bad build but did you get the power supply on sale because its fairly cheap.

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Yeah like $20 during midweek madness and with all black cables

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How good is the gpu? Is it worth putting it on an atx mobo?

Also sorry for commenting on a ~2 month old build.

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How is the monitor treating you?