Finally built my first pc!!! Here is the list of parts I used for this build and some of the temps. Only problem I had was the power supply I bought for the build was DOA..... All this goes to say dont buy a cooler master power supply. Junk!!!!!!!!!

I plan on upgrading the graphics card soon, but for now it will work just fine. I also want to get rid of the ML140 fans that came with the corsair h115i Platinum and upgrade them to LL140 fans. There is nothing wrong with these fans, but I want the cooler fans to match the exhaust fans. I also have the Corsair Commander Pro controlling all of the fans, along with the Corsair Lighting Node Pro all ran with the ICUE software. Feel free to ask questions in the comments! I will try my best to help with any questions that anyone may have about building or or how gaming/usage experience is going. Also just wanted to add that building in the Fractal Design s2 TG case was hella easy!! I would highly recommend this case for all builds!

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