This build was for my brother. The only reason that we got the Bitfienix colossus is because he REALLY wanted that case.... It is over priced but i could no persuade him to get something like the R4 and better graphics card.

CPU: For the money you cant go wrong. I know that intel is faster and that is way i have intel in my rig. I havent over clocked it yet i want to see what the silicon lottery gave me this time.

Cpu Cooler: This is the best low priced cooler. I slapped 2 bitfienix specter fan on it for push pull.

MotherBoard: I wanted to get an Asus board but they're mainstream board is blue and would match the build. Over all the gigabyte board is very good so far. The only really con is the software that the board comes with.

Ram: G.Skill ram.... It is ram

Samsung 840 EVO: even though that this is TLC flash it is a very good performer thanks to samsung's software and the 8 gb (i think) of SLC flash for cache. Over all this is my favorite under 100 ssd.

Hard Drive: It is a WD hard

Graphics Card: I wanted to get him a 770 or R9 280x(or a R9 290 if the price was right) but he wanted that case. The card over all is a solid performer at 1080p. The only issue is the fan is making some weird noise i have a RMA out to EVGA. I will updated it when i get the replacement in, then i can overclock it and see what this card can do.

Case: I like the case it is easy to build in because it is massive. i just think that it is over priced a little. Also the side panel came in broken i also have a rma out to bitfenix.... I hate UPS.

PSU: 600w Bronze power supply.

Over all i am happy with this build.


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Good part choices here. Pretty clean cables too. +1

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Thanks ^

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Waittttt a second, since when does the GTX 760 ACX come with a back plate? Mine didn't come with a back plate..

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lol i dont know i just picked it up form newegg

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