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I built this computer myself in December 2017 and I had some RAM issues which have since been resolved by a professional tech. I now use it for mild gaming and love it.

Update 1 - V.2 - I replaced the NVidia GeForce 9300 GE from my old computer that I simply put in this one with a NVidia GeForce GT 1030.

Update 2- V.3 - I added an old Maxtor 200GB HDD from a free computer with the help of a StarTech PCI-E to IDE adapter.

Update 3 - V.4 - I replaced that Maxtor with the 2TB Seagate Constellation HDD, removing the StarTech PCI-E to IDE adapter.

Note 1: between these updates, the power supply started making an odd low vibration noise. This can be fixed by whacking it. I suspect the PSU fan bearing (thanks blackhawk2119!). I will replace the PSU soon.

Update 4 - V.5 - I swapped the old motherboard (Gigabyte GA-H110M-A) with the current one, which eliminated the RAM issues.

Update 5 - V.6 - I swapped the old PSU (hec HP485D) for the current one, the EVGA 650 BQ.

Note 2: Swapping the power supply did not resolve the low vibration noise. I assumed that it was the power supply because the noise usually stopped when I whacked it. Now, I believe it is the optical drive, because it, too, is located at the top of the case. It is also very old, as it was manufactured in about 2008. I may or may not replace it, as the noise has mostly subsided.

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