My build as of March 2019. RGB the ish outa this with Corsair commander. Follow the QVL with Asus, had to return my first choice on RAM due to incompatibilities. I play a ton of Overwatch and Destiny 2. I never see temps above 60*C at full load. If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't have went with this case. I like the wire chase and the added room behind the MoBo, but it isn't modular enough for water cooling. I ended up cutting out the hard drive bays.

Yes that's Freddi Fish, nothing like a 20 year old game on a system that gets 140 fps. Happy lil 5 yr old. That's all that matters.

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We have very similar builds, but you seem to have gone team blue. Your action figures on you graphics card makes me nervous ><; Anyways, +1 Good job man!