After finding out about the NCASE M1, I decided to build my new PC around it. Got my hand on a V2. Being used for steam gaming and general PC things (reddit). Started getting parts boxing week last year; been buying parts for 4-5 months; finally decided on a GTX 980 2 weeks ago.

Had an H80i installed but decided to get the NH-U9s later on.

4790K @ stock w/ NH-U9S: 33 degrees on idle. Max 67 on full load.

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  • 56 months ago
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I just found out about he NCASE M1 V4 and I'm sold on building around it. I was originally going to build a full atx rig (phanteks enthoo pro size) but not anymore. This is so close to what I'm gonna build too. Sweet rig by the way.

I wanted it as a photo/video editing rig (cs6 PS, LR, and premiere pro). Would you recommend this build for that? I'm loving the small form factor.

  • 53 months ago
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What temperatures do you get on the GTX 980?

  • 52 months ago
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hey man awesome build! I love that case so much.... I was wondering how your experience with the Silverstone 600W PSU has been? Ive heard that it can be kinda loud and that it sometimes has some sort of whining noise?

  • 51 months ago
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Sweet build my ninja

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