This is my first PC Build. This build was intended for light gaming (ie CSGO, Runescape, and Youtube), didn't run into any problems besides snapping the release tab for the GPU and snipping the reset cable for my case... Other than that your normal troubleshooting 'that wire doesn't belong there' and 'I hear a beep but no display' but lo and behold everything is running. Cable Management wasn't that big of a deal to me since it's not a windowed case, however I did keep it tidy for better air flow.

CPU - It's one of them fancy i5s.

MOBO - Decent board not to much to brag about, only complaint is the limited # of fan slots.

RAM - Nothing to complain about.

Storage - I know it's religion to run your OS off a SSD now but the budget didn't cut for it.

GPU - Originally this build was fit with a 770 (Had a killer deal) well deal fell through and had to downgrade quite a bit to make the budget.

Case - At first I thought I was getting a steal on this case but good lord what a PIA, fits everything lovely but there is zero room for cables behind the MOBO.

PSU - Grab a cheapo PSU, cables are thick as hell and offer no flexibility.

OS - Only reason why I made the move from W7 to W8.1 is because it's more optimized for games, otherwise I would have never made the transition.

Mouse - Love this mouse had it recommended to me and I have zero regrets on making this purchase.


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Nice build! I'm actually considering build something similar to this - Cooler Master N200 with an i5, though I'll probably go nVidia for my GPU. Would you be able to grab a CPU temperature reading while under load? I'm trying to decide whether to buy an after-market cooler or not...

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It averages around 38-40c under load.