Intention: Games + light (single source) 4k video editing

The Noctua L12S is somewhat unique. People will tell you it fits, and it does. Here are the constraints

  • HEIGHT: its too tall. So you bend it but
  • VS
  • RAM clearance: If you bend it too far, it wont clear your RAM. I already removed the plastic handles from the RAM and it still barely fit. In the final form, I had to push the fan against the radiator (to make it bend temporarily upwards) and then once the fan was deep enough I'd like it rest on top of the ram

  • MOBO clearance: The fan also doesn't clear (what I think is) the wifi receiver on the Mobo. Whatever it is, it keeps the fan from sitting flush once the Noctua L12S has been bent

  • VS
  • BOTTOM of the case clearance: The heat pipes do not fit facing the right, bottom, or left. The heat pipes must go out the top, which means the fan is offset towards the bottom. If you offset the fan too much to address MOBO clearance, the bottom of the fan will stop the bottom of the case from going on.

You can see in the pink light picture how the fan (that tan line below the radiator) is basically on the desktop flush with the bottom of the case

Picture #16 shows how small the breathing room is on the CPU cooler

Theres a fair amount of room in the GPU side using the 1660Super. I wish there were mounts for drives there, but this is a niche case made by a small group and I figured it would have its shortcomings. The material is really thick and nice.

Building in it was very easy, aside from the CPU cooler which is a problem you volunteer for when you go for smaller cases.

The case fan below the PSU was hard to fit in there, especially since its best used as an exhaust, leaving the top side unshrouded with those PSU cables wanting to stretch into them.

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  • 1 month ago
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What temps are you getting? Love the build.

  • 19 days ago
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Excellent build and very informative!

The space restrictions on the 12s is a issue and it has to be bent into shape, taking off the ram heatsinks was a good shout!

Did you consider AIO? I mean the offset for that would be a larger form factor.

Its a interesting case for sure, I'm trying to get one to build in but getting hold of them, thats a challenge on top of the other challenges - lol

I'd be interested in the temps.

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  • 1 month ago
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Loool I never took a picture with it all put together. I'll add that for clarity. It's all cased up in the end