Hi all This is my 4th build and due to the lack of availability of high-end tech in my country i have to outsource all these parts, i live in the south of Africa - Zambia, i love gaming and thought i should build something affordable and mid-high end. some of the prices differ as i ordered all my parts from Amazon( with a variance of $10-$20) and some parts i had from my previous build.

Other thoughts

  1. i5 3570K - i initially wanted an i7 3770K but found out it was unnecessary if i wasn't gonna do any video/picture editing and if i need to overclock i would leave for the future.

  2. I initially wanted to go for an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe but the Gigabyte offers more features and my main focus is not overclocking plus this board is the board used for most Hackintosh builds.

  3. Again I am not building a Video/picture editing build so 8GB Ram is enough if i need to i can upgrade.

  4. The 2TB and 160GB HHD drives i had from my previous build, SSD's are almost rare if not nonexistent in my country, but this was my chance to dive in to the SSD performance side of things.

  5. Choosing the GPU was difficult, my budget was $400 max, although i could get a GTX 670 i opted for this as it had a better and higher overclocking rates and when overclocked achieved performance of stock HD7970.

  6. The CD/DVD drive, case, PSU and the keyboard and mouse i had from my previous build. I plan to order a gaming mouse and keyboard in the near future, but these standard do the common tasks well for me.

I manged to fit in everything fine and i admit my cable management is a bit poor, first case i've had to actually manage my cables like this. Performance is pretty good except i get this whining sound from my PSU, need to replace it as soon as i can with an 750W/850W.


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Nice build for the cost! :D

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Thanks man.

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good build, should spend more time with cable management

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Sweet build! What games do you play?