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New extreme gaming build (OVERKILL)

by XxSkuzzlebuttxX


Well ive got 3 1080p monitors i use for DCS world 2.0 flight simulator and i wanted to go overkill and max everything out with intentions to move into the 4k world in the next year. so might as well get the pc built first then the monitors later!! XD XD so far its completely CRUSHED anything i've thrown at it... a big upgrade from my previous build in the phantom 410 which has been sold :)

I will add more pictures when i finish downloading all my stuff :)

SLIGHT UPDATE: Added an ASUS Swift PG2780 monitor with my flight control stuff and one extra monitor or multitasking.

ANOTHER UPDATE: new picture added but now stock fans on h115i were replaced with ML140 corsair fans. the noise difference is astonishing. they get loud after a few hours of gaming but the max on these is a lot less loud than the max on stock fans. however maybe down the road ill put the stock fans on top for push pull or sell them or add them to my case fans, who knows

Part Reviews


went with the 6 score cpu with more lanes for an SLI build. runs at about 28 degrees idle with the help of the cooler. haven't had any issues but i have yet to test out the video editing and rendering times.

CPU Cooler

havent seen my cpu over 47 degrees C overclocked to 4.4Ghz. Stock fans replaced with two ML 140MM red corsair fans and are super quiet with 2000RPM! pump and fans on performance mode are really not loud at all with new fans. stock fans yes theyre a bit loud but its not bad at all. i just wanted to keep the RED LED going.


So im not too sure how to rate this, its still running so thats good. not the best for an SLI in my case since the bottom gpu is a litle low to the PSU shroud, but im sure if i didnt have the case theres plenty of room. rear IO is nice and thus far has enough ports for my K70, M65, X52 pro joystick/throttle, TrackIR5 , headset, plus a monitor extension to add a few extra slots. lights are pretty cool but i always have it set at red.


Looks slick. little white LED glow, looks awesome. and yeah looks sweet. no issues


fast fast fast and more speed. two games installed with OS and boot time is awesome!


never had an issue with these SSDs. theyre great!

Video Card

amazing for a single card. paired with another? you're unstoppable! Fallout, farcry, battlefield 1/3/4, DCS combat simulator, pretty much anything all at ultra and never below 90-144fps.

Single card still no less than 70


so im not all to impressed with the case since i think theres a lot of wasted space in the front. upgrade to the 570x glass but well see. i mean the noctis is fine but i just have that feeling, that feeling of i OCD that i with there was more open glass and less wasted space. PSU shroud is cool with Lit logos and underglow is awesome with rear IO lighting. its like they thought you were going to have 6 storage units. no, just 2-3 is plenty haha

Power Supply

perfect simply perfect with no issues at all

Case Fan

powerful and surprisingly quiet for the airflow im getting!

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Solemnsong 4 points 27 months ago

Looking at builds like this on here made me wish I either had a lot of money or could get a job building PCs for other people

vycelord 2 Builds 3 points 27 months ago

I know exactly what you mean brother, exactly.

Solemnsong 1 point 27 months ago

Yup, I did a build recently but haven't got to play with it at all... I got OS on it, all the newest drivers, flash updated the bios ,got it in perfect running order but now my fiancé isn't working atm and in the meantime I may have to sell it so I don't want to play on it for fear that I won't want to let it go haha!

vycelord 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

Oddly enough Im in the same situation but Im trying to make it work before I sell my build for a grand before having some more quality time with it.

vycelord 2 Builds 2 points 27 months ago

This build... Is beautiful. Almost part by part my dream build... Codename - Luna. I love it OP

LeoClean 2 points 27 months ago

+1 Nice PC yah F̶̷̲̅ᴜ̶̷̲̅ᴄ̶̷̲̅ᴋ̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅ɴ̶̷̲̅ɢ̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅C̶̷̲̅ᴜ̶̷̲̅ɴ̶̷̲̅ᴛ̶̷̲̅

XxSkuzzlebuttxX submitter 3 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

Heres a few more photos everyone thx for the kind words!! its one heck of a machine and so far hasnt had trouble with anything FPS or graphics wise. cant really figure out my fans and whatnot but eh ill get it eventually. think i got some case fans in the cpu fan slots but ill get it worked out

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thebream 1 point 27 months ago

No such thing as overkill.

Could you tell me how many PCI-E lanes are being assigned to both cards? Judging from the picture, it appears the LED is indicating that both cards are running at x8.

I have an i7-6800K with the same mobo and SLI set up and its running at x8/x8. The manual recommends putting the second GPU in the PCI-E3 slot but I avoided this since the top GPU would be sitting directly on the second GPU. Just wondering if a 40 lane CPU would allow a x16/x16 setup with the second GPU in the PCI-E5 slot.

XxSkuzzlebuttxX submitter 3 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

currently theyre at x8 each but im not sure why theyre not both x16. i thought the cpu i got with 40pcie lanes would allow them to be at x16 but idk why. im fairly new to all this high end stuff

thebream 1 point 27 months ago

It would be the motherboard thats causing it. I've just noticed the very last line of page 17 in the manual state that: PCI-E1 shares the bandwith the PCI-E5. Thats why they're both at x8.

You'll need to put the second GPU in the PCI-E3 slot but likely your GPUs would be touching like in this picture http://imgur.com/0bUX8Ic

If you try this set up please let me know the GPU temps. Can you still use that SLI bridge if you switch PCI-E slots?

XxSkuzzlebuttxX submitter 3 Builds 2 points 27 months ago

how much better is performance if i put the cards together that way? right now, look closely as the bottom gpu. its actually right up against that ssd and the power supply shroud. my pc has been on for a while now and they sit at 55-60 degrees just with a few we pages open and a game tabbed out in the background im running while i type to you. (the bottom one is 2 degrees hotter or so) i will try to put it in the second slot there ans let you know of the temps. check back in a day or two and ilkl let you know

thebream 1 point 27 months ago

I've read somewhere between 10-15%. It does very depending on the game. Theres a link below which gives some insight into performance gains of x16/x16 pver x8/x8. https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/4wzpu0/titan_xp_sli_pcie_30_16x16_vs_16x8/?sort=new

Heres an updated video with two 1080s in SLI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HchSu5peIoc

Thanks, it would be interesting to see if the increased temperature is worth the performance increases. I'm also going to see if x16/x8 is worth the temp increase in my build but my cards are already hitting 83-84 degrees max with an overclock running GTA 5. It is summer here so ambient temp is not ideal.

XxSkuzzlebuttxX submitter 3 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

update. honestly i didnt see that big of a difference where i would want my one card to be much hotter than the other. i ran about 6-10 degrees hotter on the card that was suffocating. not a big deal but both running at x16 gave me MAYBE 10 more FPS. im no official benchmark tester or anything but the 3d mark score put me at the "better than 98%" of all results category with the cards at x16 and x8 each. now my bottom gpu is pretty close to the power supply shroud. however thats more room as you see in the pics than it is if i put the cards in the pci 1 and 3 slots. literally theyre almost touching. with the cards in slots 1 and 5, the bottom card has still about an inch of clearance so thats plenty for airflow. my fans are all at just above the auto fan curves and no overclocking is necessary for me. i put it back to the 1 and 5 slots just cause i didnt see a big enough difference. i hope that helps but if you have any knowledge on the topic i could use it all!

NitroOG 1 point 27 months ago

Are you going to upgrade your monitors because your pc is super fast when gaming?

NitroOG 1 point 27 months ago

Maybe to 1440p 144hz or 4k 60hz?

XxSkuzzlebuttxX submitter 3 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

posting neew pics of monitor right now ":)

ThatOneBudgetGuy 1 Build 1 point 27 months ago

your PC alone is worth 4x the amount of my entire setup (PC, mouse, keyboard, monitor, mousepad, etc.). makes me want a job so i could afford something like that.

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RileyScoggins 1 Build 1 point 27 months ago


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Tabbott 1 Build 1 point 27 months ago

Just wondering because of your build prices. Are you a fellow Australian?

Tabbott 1 Build 1 point 27 months ago

Ah. Nvm

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