Well, this is my first fully custom build, I initially wanted to stick with an i7 (my previous build had an i7-920) but decided I wanted to go with something a little less expensive but with reasonably similar performance in gaming and the 7600k jumped out at me for overclocking opportunity.

  This whole build runs at wonderfully low temperatures CPU package idle ~30C and at heavy load I'm typically in the high 40's but I've never seen above 53C, (no OC yet, not sure I'll need it immediately, but my ultimate goal is to hit 4.8Ghz) the GPU sits around 47-52C in gaming (tweaked fan curve and framerate target to suit my monitor). The 4 140mm Noctua fans were expensive but worth it. The airflow on them is really amazing and they make a wonderful swap for the stock fans on the H115i. Now I'm going to advise anyone else operating with this motherboard and case to avoid the H115i and go for something a couple milimeters thinner or go with low-profile fans. When adding everything in I had to remove the (purely cosmetic) cover on the top left corner of the motherboard AND the CPU power cable put up a fight going in with the fan right on top of it. In the end it all fit (save the cover) and runs at fantastic temps, but the H115i just barely fits. (Also side note: anyone using a H115i in this case remember to put the fans on AFTER the radiator is in the case or else the mounting equipment on the inside of the 5.25" bay will get in the way. Another side note: using a 240mm or 280mm radiator in the top of this case also restricts use of one of the 5.25" bays).

 I went for a little RGB with this case but nothing overbearing, the dark fans and GPU actually look pretty good with the RAM and motherboard having RGB. (For anyone looking at this motherboard, keep in mind it's RGB is a little bluer than Corsair's on average, but syncing them isn't too hard).

  Another wonderful little idea I had was to remove the hard-drive cages and slot the HDD in the 5.25" bay to help optimize airflow from the front 140mms, it was a solid choice and the airflow is almost unrestricted through the center chamber.

 Plans for this build are possibly to switch to a full custom loop, maybe a second 1080, add in another 16GB of RAM, and custom-length white cabling. That all comes after I get a 34" 3440x1440 monitor and a new headset, (open to suggestions there, looking to stay under $800 for the monitor). If I do decide to go full custom loop I feel like this case will not fit the kind of hardware I was hoping for and I might have to go to a micro ATX Phanteks Enthoo or even go to a standard ATX case.

Anyway, hope everyone likes it and I welcome comments and suggestions, I'm still trying to work out the cabling but in this case with this setup it's a bear (I crammed too many big parts into a pretty small case) the custom length cabling should fix a lot of the mess though. If anyone has any questions just comment and I'll do my best to respond quickly. Cheers!

P.S. More photos to follow

EDIT: So I managed to fix a lot of the cabling issues and will be posting fresh pictures within the next ten days. The mess up by the HDD/RAM/24pin sadly probably won't be able to change too much if at all until I put the money out for custom length cables, but I can confirm that it looks significantly cleaner now.

Part Reviews


Really like this CPU, always used i7's on desktops but really enjoying the change, curious to see how it handles an OC and some benching, but I think it was a solid buy, got lucky in the lottery too, good temps.

CPU Cooler

Insanely large rad, love it and the temperatures it gives. No idea how the stock fans sound or work because I instantly replaced them. Keeps my 7600k in the high 40's low 50's under 90%+ load.

Thermal Compound

While I can't say how much better this performs than the stock paste, I will say that the actual thermal transfer rate of this stuff is insane. After reading reviews I couldn't buy anything else, I had to try it, no regrets here, $12 well spent.


Great motherboard, love the aesthetics, just wish the CPU power connector wasn't so high up on the board, gave me a hard time routing the cable and fitting it against the H115i.


Good looking RAM, seems to stay at reasonable temps, (haven't OC'd) but works at the stated frequency, happy with it.


Insanely fast, great write speeds insane read speeds, heats up like any other M.2.

Video Card

Not usually a huge fan of blowers (heh) especially in a case that could easy do very well with a standard fan GPU, but this one is good, it does what it needs. Not flashy, didn't cost me much for a 1080 (Price shown isn't accurate).


Love this case, love it so much, a little upset that corsair claims a 280mm fits but don't mention it consistently, or that it's a massive PITA to get it in. Great case if you don't plan on shoving a 280mm rad in it!

Case Fan

Fantastic fans, cannot get enough of them, they are quiet and push an insane amount of air. Great on an H115i and wonderful for airflow in the case. A+ Noctua, knocked it out of the park.


  • 28 months ago
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Nice build, but why the 7600k over say a 1600/1700? I see you are planning to do some updates later in your build but before SLI and custom loop, I'd look into a 7700k.

  • 28 months ago
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After looking at the comparison I honestly don't see the 7700k being worthwhile as the 7600k doesn't really present a bottleneck. I also considered Ryzen but I didn't like the idea of the memory slot issues they've been having. I have always had Intel and the overall performance gain in games from Ryzen was actually lower from the benches I've seen. In workstation applications Ryzen wins but this isn't a workstation.

  • 27 months ago
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BTW the 7700k is actually cheaper currantly than the 6700k.

  • 28 months ago
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+1 for the parts, but fix dem cables

  • 28 months ago
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So far most of the cable mess won't be able to move much, this case really doesn't fit a 280mm rad that well. I'm going to try to at least optimize how they move together and tie some of them into more space efficient configurations.

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+1 for the comment on your gpu. lol.