I really liked the look and size of the SilverStone SG09 case and basically selected for parts around that. It's a nice compact system but still able to fit basically everything I wanted.

Build Notes:

The case manual should be looked at carefully and following the instructions there on how to order things is important. I probably needed to install and remove the Video card three times at various stages to recable things and I probably could have saved myself the hassle with a little bit of advanced planning. :-)

The front panel USB 3.0 connector for some reason is a little bit loose in the connector on the motherboard, but is fully seated. I spent a lot of time playing around with this, but eventually decided it was as connected as it was going to be (and the front panel USB connections seem to work fine).

I purchased the SilverStone PP05 Short Cable set for this build (as recommended by the SilverStone website for the SG09) and it helped quite a bit in keeping the clutter to a minimum (especially on the 24-pin power to the motherboard), but really only used 3 of the cables for it (24-pin, & HDD & Optical power - the Video PCI-E power cable I needed to use was the "longer" one that came from the PSU). So you could probably save $25 and not buy the short cables and just need to do some extra cable clean-up.

The optical drive I purchased was the SilverStone version because there weren't many options out there for a slot-loaded slimline Blu-Ray burner and I figured their version should work just fine. I did run into an issue where the discs would get stuck and not eject, but removing the front bezel from the drive before installing it in the case seemed to clear the issue up.

Installing the HDD & SSD vertically underneath the MB on the back side seemed a bit weird at first, but definitely saves a lot of space in the case. The one thing to note is that there really doesn't appear that there will be much airflow into the area where the 2.5" drives are installed and the manual recommends that you use SSD here to be more heat tolerant. I put my 2.5" HDD closer to the vent (near where you could install a fan) in the hopes to mitigate this. With the 3.5" drives you would get some airflow from the 180mm fan, so heat shouldn't be an issue.

The power supply install was a bit trickier than I would have expected. I bought the SilverStone PSU in the hopes of the greatest amount of compatibility (to go along with the SG09 and the short cables). The one hiccup I encountered was that the PSU didn't seem to install very securly into the PSU cage. With all the proper screws installed it seemed like there were some gaps that would allow for vibration. I used a couple of the optical drive pads that came with the case (for fitting a smaller optical drive) to fill those gaps and prevent any vibration.

The stock CPU fan/heatsink that came with the CPU seems to work just fine, but there's plenty of room in the case for a tower cooler if you want to go that route.


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I just made a nasty build for my buddy with the SG09. I found it on linus tech talks on you tube and fell in love. I haven't seen it in person yet, but i already know that silver stone knew what they were doing when they built the most under appreciated case of all time.

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How is that video card working for you play any games how high is your fps?

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I actually don't have any recent games yet as I'm still catching up on older games that I've picked up in Steam sales.

Right now I'm playing Dues Ex Human Revolution at 2560x1440 at max settings and getting about 60fps. But that games nearly two years old now...

Here's the 3DMark11 scores:

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I'm just getting started on this build with that case

Cant wait. Havent ordered the case yet because since it is one of the cheaper components, I'm hoping my wife will buy it for my birthday coming up.