Built as a gaming computer. Mostly a green theme to match the Nvidia GPU.

CPU: Very good OC Intel chip

CPU COOLER: Was rated as the best OC cooler on the market for this CPU; even better than liquid which I am not a fan of.

Blue matched the motherboard + Yellow ram = Greenish

*Issues: Hard to get the final 3 screws in since it's so big.

MOTHERBOARD: Solid OC MB, especially for the price.

Blue matched the CPU Cooler+ Yellow ram = Greenish

MEMORY: Went with the Crucial Ballistix Low Profile because the CPU cooler's radiator is very large and covers ram slots and these were the best LP ones I could find. Went with 32 GB so I would never have to remove the CPU cooler to add more ram.

*Issues: Had to manually load XMP setting in BIOS.

VIDEO CARD: The card is solid and got it open box for almost $200 off.

*Will probably upgrade down the line.

STORAGE: Samsung 850 Pro for system essentials because of the 10 yr warranty and speed.

WD Black 2TB for everything else.

*WD Black is known for running hot, so I mounted it in a EverCool Dual 5.25 inch Drive Bay to Triple 3.5 inch HDD Cooling Box.

**Then mounted the SSD in a SABRENT 2.5 to 3.5 Inches Internal Hard Disk Drive Mounting Kit (BK-HDDH) which is also in the Cooling Box.

***Both drives float so air passes easily.

CASE: 200R is a solid, cheap, and adjustable. I removed all of the storage drive bays to increase airflow and room for cable management.

*Shows compatibility issues with my CPU Cooler on here even though it fits fine as long as you do not add a useless side fan.

POWER SUPPLY: 750 watt, 10 yr warranty, and multi-rail (can actually a good thing at > 500 watts).

CASE FAN: Well ventilated and matched the green theme.

Have all the Corsair case fans powered by the PSU using the "Evercool Model EC-DF001 17.72" PWM Braided Fan Splitter" instead of the MB (Can still control with MB since they are all about the same speed and type).

Cooler Master only because Corsair doesn't make the AF series with green LEDs for some reason. It is the main intake fan and the only one controlled AND powered directly by the MB.

NOTES: No optical drive because I already have a external laying around for the rare times I would need it.

Still debating on what to do if anything with the last 5.25 inch drive bay.

I kept but rearranged the original (2) 120 mm case fans but may replace with LED fans in the future.

Including the fans that came with the case, CPU Cooler, and Drive Bay Cooler. There are (4) 120 mm, (3) 140 mm, and (1) 80 mm fans in this build.

I have been debating adding a PCI exhaust fan, but cannot find one with a green LED.

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  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

I would spend a little time cleaning up the cables to improve airflow in the case otherwise nice selection of parts and a solid build.

  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

Proper cable management is so hard to do. There are just so many wires which are too long and no where to place them. I tried hiding them where the HD bay was.

  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

It isn't easy especially if your case does not allow for it however you'd be surprised with the difference you can make by using cable ties and planning it out. It may take a couple of tries but the end product is always worth it! I spent a couple of hours on cable management in my build and enjoyed every munite of it!