Was lucky enough to receive the PSU, RAM, HDDs, WiFi card, and case from an old rig my dad had collecting dust after the original motherboard fried. Thanks to sponix I now know that the case is an Apevia X-Navigator which I plan on keeping for a good while. I got the 8350 because I've been working on video editing, and I decided on the 960 because of my budget and it's built in video capture/streaming. I haven't really written any data down but it's able to run most AAA games on high at 1080p almost never dipping below 40fps. The 960 has been having a bit harder time with newer games like The Witcher and The Division at high, but I don't mind turning some settings down for now. The SSD sitting at the bottom is a 64GB given to me by a friend that I have yet to use. Also currently plan on upgrading to a 1070 along with a Noctua Dh-14 cooler to OC my 8350.

Unigine Valley at Ultra 1080p AA-off FPS Average - 60.5 Max - 101.6 Min - 18.7 Overall Score - 2531

Unigine Heaven at Ultra 1080p AA-off FPS Average - 45 Max - 109.5 Min - 17.6 Overall Score - 1134

Part Reviews


Pros: Great for the price, good at multi tasking, easy to overclock but wouldn't recommend on stock cooler

Cons: Stock cooler is loud, like really loud


Can't really ask for anything else in a motherboard. Everything has worked perfectly out of the box.

Video Card

Great for the price, but I find myself wishing I'd gone for the 970 or at least the 4GB version of the 960 because the 2GB VRAM version has begun to show its age with this past years release AAA games.

Power Supply

To be honest I'm not even sure how old my PSU is, but I'd guess anywhere between 4-8 years old, and it is going strong without having had a single issue. Only nitpick is that it's none modular, but that's a given.


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I Bought one of those Cases in 2009..

Hope that Helps..

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That's awesome, thank you!

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Oh my god, that case is a fossil. Awesome! Love seeing old hardware on here, it's like a portal back in time. You definitely get my +1 for having a unique build. IMHO if you want to upgrade your GPU on the cheap you could probably get the RX 480 coming out at the end of the month.

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Thanks! I plan on keeping the case for a good while. As for the 480, it very nearly got me but I'm planning to transition to 2k gaming in the next year with a system rebuild, and the 1070 just barely beat it out.